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Certain Google-integrated third parties can use a partner API to create Customer Match segments directly in your Google Ads account. These types of third-party companies include data onboarders, customer relationship management (CRM) onboarding services, and agencies.

This article describes the benefits of using a third party to help upload your customer data to Google Ads, and lists the companies that can do it for you.

Customer match upload options.


Using a third-party company to upload your data is a good option for many advertisers for the following reasons:

  • Some advertisers want to outsource segment onboarding and refreshes instead of creating an in-house Google Ads API integration or using the Google Ads interface to upload.
  • These companies don't need your Google Ads login credentials to upload your data.
  • You can use additional first-party customer information, such as their mailing address, phone number, or alternate email, to increase your segment size. These companies use proprietary identity maps to find emails corresponding to your customers’ phone numbers and mailing addresses, and append these emails to your existing email list prior to performing the upload.


Currently, the following companies are approved to upload Customer Match segments, with 2 different levels of service depending on the API each of them use:

  • Mapping partners: Use the Audience Partner API
  • Non-mapping partners: Use the Google Ads API

Legend:yes, confirmed: available, : in progress, red x mark: not available

Customer Match upload mapping partners
Third-party partner Customer Match upload service Integrated with Display & Video 360
ActionIQ yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Acxiom yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Adchieve yes, confirmed red x mark
Adjust yes, confirmed red x mark
Adverity yes, confirmed red x mark
Amperity yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Digital Audience yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
EDM yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Epsilon yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Experian yes, confirmed red x mark
Infosum yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Kinesso yes, confirmed red x mark
LiveRamp yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
M13H (Labelium Group) yes, confirmed *
Merkury yes, confirmed *
Movio yes, confirmed red x mark
Neodata yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Neustar yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Oracle Data Cloud [Datalogix] yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
PMG yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Sailthru yes, confirmed red x mark
SalesForce Audience Studio yes, confirmed *
SalesForce Data Cloud yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Wondaris yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Zeotap yes, confirmed yes, confirmed

* These third-party partners have not completed their product integrations into the API service. Customers can reach out to their respective Customer Match upload partners directly for completion timing and further details.

Customer Match non-mapping partners

These partners are integrated to upload Customer Match segments to Google Ads. DV360 isn't an available destination for non-mapping partners.

Third-party partner Customer Match upload service
6sense yes, confirmed
ActiveCampaign yes, confirmed
Adobe yes, confirmed


yes, confirmed


yes, confirmed
Braze yes, confirmed
Commanders Act yes, confirmed
Driftrock yes, confirmed
GetResponse yes, confirmed
GrowthLoop yes, confirmed
Hubspot yes, confirmed
Invoca yes, confirmed
Klaviyo yes, confirmed
LeadsBridge yes, confirmed
Lytics yes, confirmed
Marin yes, confirmed
Marketo yes, confirmed
Microsoft Dynamics yes, confirmed
mParticle yes, confirmed
PLAID KARTE Signals yes, confirmed
Salesforce Ad Studio yes, confirmed
SAP Marketing Cloud yes, confirmed
Segment yes, confirmed
Shopify yes, confirmed
Singular yes, confirmed
Tealium yes, confirmed
Treasure Data yes, confirmed
Zapier yes, confirmed


  • You'll need to have your Google Ads account approved to use a data-uploading service.
  • You must work with a Google-integrated third party.
  • Data uploaded to Google Ads must be collected in compliance with Customer Match policies.


Customer Match is available on Google Search, Shopping, Display, YouTube, Demand Gen, and Gmail.

Customer Match is available for activation across Display, Video, YouTube, and Gmail in Display & Video 360.

  • Display & Video 360 Note: Contact info based Customer Match segments are only available on Google Ad Manager inventory while Mobile Device ID based Customer Match segments are available for activation across all exchanges.


After you've picked the company you'd like to use to upload your data, follow these steps:

For the following mapping partners, follow the instructions in Link Customer Match partners in Google Ads: Acxiom, Adchieve, Adverity, Digital Audience, Epsilon, LiveRamp, Merkury, Sailthru, Wondaris, and Zeotap.

For other mapping partners:

  1. Give permission for your segments to be uploaded to Google Ads. After you've chosen your data uploading partner, you'll need to give email permission authorizing Google to let your partner create and edit your Customer Match segments data in Google Ads. To complete this step, reach out to your Google representative directly.
  2. Wait until Google sets up data access. After you've sent your email permission to Google, your Google representative will need to sync your accounts with your partner's system. It can take a couple of days for your accounts to be approved after you've sent in your information. You'll receive an email from your Google representative letting you know when you're all set up.
  3. Send your Customer Match data to your partner. When your accounts are approved and set up, you can start sending Customer Match data to your uploading partner.

For non-mapping partners:

Send your Customer Match data to your partner. When your accounts are approved and set up, you can start sending Customer Match data to your uploading partner.

For guidance on which partner makes sense to work with, please reach out to your Google representative for details.

Note: Reach out to your Google representative to be connected to the third party. If you don't have a contact for your account, give us a call at the support number listed for your region.

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