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The "Linked Accounts" page under Admin Admin Icon has been moved to "Data manager" under Tools Tools Icon. Google Ads Data Manager is a data import and management tool with a point-and-click experience that lets you bring your customer data from outside of Google and activate it in Google Ads. Learn more About Data manager.

Data Manager simplifies first-party data importing and activation. It aims to address complexity and difficulty in sharing and activating first-party data with point-and-click workflows.

It puts all your data management controls in one place, enabling you to drive incremental revenue and better outcomes for your business.

In this article, you’ll learn the benefits of using Data manager and how it works.


  • Centralized management: Data manager provides a centralized place for customers to connect, activate and troubleshoot their data sources across Google products. It ensures that online and offline data solutions work together seamlessly.
  • Better guidance for first-party data activation: Data manager provides inline education and guidance to customers on the value of first-party data and how it can be used by their business.
  • Easier onboarding: Data manager streamlines the process of sharing first-party data with Google. It provides an easy point-and-click UI to connect to most popular data sources, including from industry partnerships, and enables advertisers to send data to multiple destinations.
  • Collaborative workflows: Data manager makes collaboration at the advertiser level easier and more seamless while maintaining the required data permissioning.

How Data manager works

To view the Data manager page, click the Tools icon Tools Icon on the left-side navigation panel, then click Data manager.

Data manager has the following features that allow you to consolidate data sources from your linked accounts, Google tag, and conversion:

  • Connected products: Includes Google links as well as external data pipelines
  • Google tag: Access and configure your Google tags to help you measure the effectiveness of your website and ads. Learn more About the Google Tag.

Supported connectors

You can use Data manager to import your first-party data, then activate it for use in Google destinations, such as Customer Match and Offline Conversion Ingestion.

These are the supported Data sources. To view setup details, click a data source name.

All of these data sources can be activated under Offline Conversion Import and Customer Match, except Salesforce as it only works with Offline Conversion Import.

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