Add a product feed to your Video action campaign

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Turn your YouTube video ads into a virtual shop front when you add a product feed to your Video action campaign. With this creative add-on, you can show browsable product imagery below your video ads that inspire users to make a purchase and drive more clicks and conversions. In this article, you’ll learn how to add a product feed to your Video action campaign.

On average, advertisers that add product feeds to their Video action campaigns achieve over 60% more conversions at a lower cost (Source: Google internal data, Global, March 2021 – compared 941 campaigns with product feeds to campaigns without product feeds).

How it works

  • When a user sees your video ad, the panel below the ad automatically expands to showcase your products. At this time, products appear when the user’s mobile device is in portrait mode.
  • Users can select a product image to immediately go to the product’s landing page for more information and to make a purchase.
  • A minimum of four product images can be shown below the video ad.


  1. Set up a product feed in Merchant Center.
    • Include at least four products. For optimal performance with video action campaigns, we recommend adding more than four products to your feed.
    • Include 1:1 images for each product that will be shown in the ad. Only the primary image for a product will be used in the ad.
    • Your products should comply with our Shopping ads and personalised advertising policies.
  2. Enable Shopping ads in your Merchant Center account. If you haven’t used Merchant Center before, sign up using your Google Account.
  3. Link your Merchant Center account to your Google Ads account.

Best practices: Tick icon Best practices

  • Make sure that the product specifications are accurate in your feed.
  • Make sure that your product feed has items available for the countries that you’re targeting. Product availability for your campaign is based on the settings in your product feed.
  • Use the item_group_id attribute for large merchant feeds that have identical or similar items. This attribute allows you to group product variants in your feed, so that we don’t show duplicate product images in your ad.
  • New product feeds can take up to three days to approve, so take this into account when planning your campaigns.
  • Follow the best practices for video action campaigns.


Add a product feed to a new campaign

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. In the page menu on the left-hand side, click Campaigns.
  3. Click the plus button , then select New campaign.
  4. Select the Sales, Leads or Website traffic goal.
  5. Select the Video campaign type.
  6. Click Next.

    It's recommended to keep Google video partners included in your campaign to increase its reach (up to 20% additional reach for a given budget). When Google video partners are included, your ads appear on high-quality publisher websites and mobile apps (in addition to YouTube). You can check the 'Networks' section of campaign creation to check if Google video partners are included in the campaign.

  7. On the next page, scroll to the 'Product feed' section and expand the box.
  8. Click the tick box, then select a product feed from your Merchant Center account.

    Make sure that you select the right product feed, as you won’t be able to change it after you save your campaign.

  9. For your ad group, scroll to the 'Product filter' section and expand the box.
  10. Choose the products that you’ll show in the ad group. By default, we’ll show all products from your feed (unless you choose a different option).

    If you choose to show all products, we’ll select products from your feed based on their potential performance. To help us show more relevant products to users, consider setting up a remarketing list on your account.

    • None – Use all products: All eligible products in your feed can be shown.
    • Choose specific products: You choose the products that can be shown below the video ad.
    • Create custom filters: Show products based on your custom labels in the ad.
    • No products: Opt out of showing your products from the ad group (for example, if the products don’t match the video ad). This is useful if you’re running multiple ad groups from within the same campaign.
  11. If you see a warning icon next to any products, click the warning icon and resolve the errors. Otherwise, your products may not show in the ad. You need at least four approved products for the products to show in the ad.
  12. Finish setting up your campaign. We’ll show a preview of what your ad looks like before you finalise the campaign.
  13. Click Create campaign.

Add a product feed to an existing campaign

  1. In Google Ads, click Settings in the page menu.
  2. Choose the campaign that you want to edit.
  3. Scroll to the 'Product feed' section and expand the box.
  4. Click the tick box, then select a product feed from your Merchant Center account.
  5. Click Save. By default, we’ll show all products from your feed. If you want to choose the products that you’ll show in your ad groups, go to your ad group settings and open the 'Product filter' section.

Review product feed performance for a campaign

You can segment your ad groups to see how your product feed is performing or where people are going when they click on a product.

  1. In Google Ads, click Campaigns in the page menu on the left.
  2. Click the campaign that contains the product feed.
  3. Click the segment icon Segment.
  4. Choose Click type.
    • 'Click type' segments your ad groups by user interactions with your ads. Product feed metrics will be shown in the statistics table.

Avoid comparing product feed performance in the campaign to all campaign traffic, as the campaign includes traffic not eligible for product feeds with very different user behaviours and performance. If you want to compare performance of campaigns with product feeds to campaigns without product feeds, create a video experiment.

Bear in mind

  • At this time, Google Ads Editor doesn’t support adding product feeds to Video action campaigns.
  • Ad serving isn’t limited to only showing impressions with the product. Some traffic in the campaign may serve without products.
  • If there are other extensions attached to your campaign (for example, sitelink extensions), products from your feed will always show first in locations where it’s eligible to serve. If your goal is 'Leads', then lead form extensions will show first instead of your products.
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