About Fiber self-installation

Depending on your city, address and the Fiber plan you select, you may be eligible to self-install your Fiber internet service and Fiber Phone service. Two kits are available:

  • Self-Installation Kit for Google Fiber (internet service) 
  • Self-Installation Kit for Fiber Phone (phone service) 
Is self-installation right for you?

Self-installation is only available in certain cities for our internet-only plans and for Fiber Phone. If you're eligible for self-installation, Google has already installed external equipment and a Fiber Jack in your home.

Self-installation isn't available if your Fiber plan includes TV service or battery backup for Fiber Phone service. If your plan has either of these services, schedule an appointment for an Installation Specialist to come out and install your service. 


Self-installation requires no tools and minimal technical skills. To help you decide if self-installation is right for you, have a look at the Self-Installation Kit or Fiber Phone Self-Installation Kit instructions for installing your Fiber Network Box or Google Wifi points.

After you sign up for a Self-Installation Kit, we'll send you an email that tells you when you can pick up the kit from the Fiber Space (typically the same day) or, if you chose to have your kit shipped, an estimated delivery date and a tracking number for your package.

Interested in adding Fiber Phone to your Fiber service plan? Here's how to add Fiber Phone to your plan. After you sign up, we'll help you determine which installation method works best for you.

How can I perform a self-installation?

The self-installation process requires no tools and minimal technical skills. You can learn more about whether self-installation is right for you, watch a self-installation video for setting up a Network Box or Google Wifi that explains the process, or you can read the full instructions that come with the Self-Installation Kit for a Network Box or Google Wifi, or Fiber Phone Self-Installation Kit.

What's in the Self-Installation Kit?

  1. Self-Installation Kit that includes a Network Box
    • A Network Box with power adapter cord 
    • Ethernet cables
    • Quick Install Guide that shows you how to install your Google Fiber Network Box to your Fiber network
  2. Self-Installation Kit that includes Google Wifi point(s)
    • Google Wifi point(s) with power adapter cord
    • Ethernet cables
    • Fiber Jack power adapter cord
    • Quick Install Guide that shows you how to install your Google Wifi equipment to your Fiber network

What's in the Fiber Phone Self-Installation Kit?

When can you expect your Self-Installation Kit?

After you sign up for self-installation, you'll receive an email that indicates when you can pick up your kit from a local Fiber Space (typically the same day), or if you prefer to have your kit shipped, we'll provide an estimated delivery date and a tracking number for your package.

How long should a self-installation take?

A complete self-installation could take up to 1 hour to complete. This includes installation, set-up and any software updates to the equipment.

When will you be billed for service?

Billing for your service starts when your Network Box (included in the Google Fiber kit), Google Wifi point, or Phone Box (included in the Fiber Phone kit) is activated, or 7 days after delivery, whichever occurs first.

Delivery options

If you're eligible for self-installation and you choose this option, there are three ways for you to receive your Fiber Self‑Installation Kit or Fiber Phone Self‑Installation kit:

  • Have the kit shipped to your home address
  • Have the kit shipped to a different address
  • Pick up the kit from your local Fiber Space

From the time an order is placed, the Self‑Installation Kit will ship within 2-3 business days, or 5-6 calendar days if ordered on Friday. Delivery times differ from city to city.

If you change your mind about self-installation, please contact Google Fiber customer support within 2 hours of placing the order to cancel.

Signature required

When you sign up to have a Self-Installation Kit shipped to you, you can ask the carrier to require a signature. To choose this option, check the box labeled Require signature for delivery when you sign up.

If you choose this option, the delivery carrier will require a signature from you or someone else at the delivery address, or from a building manager or neighbor, when the kit is delivered.

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