Self-install your Google Fiber Phone

Follow these instructions to self-install Google Fiber Phone. You can download or print this Google Fiber Phone self-install quick start guide as well. Your GFiber service must be installed and active before you can install Google Fiber Phone service. If you've already self-installed Google Fiber Phone at your current address and you're moving to a new address where GFiber service is available, you can move your existing phone equipment to your new location and install it there.

Step 1: Check your GFiber network

Make sure that your router is connected and your GFiber internet service is active.

Check your Google Fiber network

Step 2: Connect your Phone Box

Connect the Phone Box to your router using the Ethernet cable provided in your Phone Box kit. Don’t have a spare Ethernet port? You can use an Ethernet adapter or switch.

Connect your Google Fiber Phone Box to your router

Step 3: Connect your phone

Connect your phone to the Phone Box using a telephone cable.


Connect your Google Fiber Phone Box to your home phone

Step 4: Connect the power adapter

Connect the power adapter to the Phone Box and plug it into a power outlet.


Connect your Google Fiber Phone Box to the power adapter

Step 5: Set up voicemail

Your Google Fiber Phone service will become active and ready to use shortly. While you're waiting, set up your voicemail.

Dial *99 from your primary Google Fiber Phone (landline or mobile phone) and follow the prompts to set up your voicemail.

If you're transferring an existing phone number to Google Fiber Phone, your number transfer will complete automatically within five business days. We will send you an email with a temporary number to use until your number transfer is complete.

Step 6: Set advanced options

To set additional Google Fiber Phone options, sign in to your GFiber account using your email and password, then select Phone from the navigation menu.

The GFiber customer portal, with the "Phone" section in the left nav bar circled in red

You'll be taken to, where you can set options including:

  • Forward your Google Fiber Phone number to another number 
  • Specify the types of incoming calls you'll accept
  • Manage your calls and set Do Not Disturb options
  • Set a ring schedule, and more!
Solve common issues with Google Fiber Phone Self-Installation

What do the blinking lights on my Phone Box mean?

The LEDs on the front of the Phone Box indicate its status. If you're having trouble with your equipment, you can use the detailed information to diagnose the issue based on how the LEDs look.

What should I do if my Phone Box isn't responding?

If you've connected your Phone Box and it isn't working, you can follow these steps to powercycle or reset it to try and solve the issue. If powercycling or resetting doesn't resolve the problem, you can use our Google Fiber Phone Troubleshooter to find a solution, or contact GFiber customer support.

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