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About your Fiber Jack

When your Google Fiber system is installed, the installation specialist uses a wall plate to cover the hole drilled to bring the fiber cable into your home. The small box attached to the wall plate is called a Fiber Jack. The Fiber Jack (GFLT100, GFLT110, GFLT300, GFLT132, GOGP220C, or GOGP222C) is an Optical Network Terminal (ONT).

Your Fiber Jack will look different and have different colored lights, depending on its model number.

Model GFLT100 Model GFLT110 Model GFLT300 Models GFLT132, GOGP220C, GOGP222C
Google Fiber Jack Model GFLT100 wall plate Google Fiber Jack Model GFLT110 wall plate Google Fiber Jack Model GFLT300 wall plate Google Fiber Jack Model GFLT132 wall plate

Locating your Fiber Jack

In a single family home, your Fiber Jack will be found on an interior wall, typically in a main living room and near a power outlet. It might be behind a couch or it may be on the wall in another room or garage.

Single family home Fiber Jack

In an apartment, condo or multiple dwelling, the Fiber Jack may not be as obvious. It may be on a wall in a main living area, bedroom, laundry room, in a closet in the bedroom, bathroom or entryway, or out of the way behind a wall panel or inside a media cabinet. In some units, the media panel will have a latched door, in others you may need to unscrew a panel from the wall to access your Fiber Jack.

Living room: Media cabinet with door: Media panel screwed into wall:
Multiple dwelling unit Fiber Jack in living room Multiple Dwelling Unit Fiber Jack in Media Cabinet with Door Multiple Dwelling Unit Fiber Jack Media Panel Screwed Into Wall

Examples of other Fiber Jack locations:

Multiple Dwelling Until Fiber Jack Other Location Example 1 Multiple Dwelling Until Fiber Jack Other Location Example 2
Multiple Dwelling Until Fiber Jack Other Location Example 3 Multiple Dwelling Until Fiber Jack Other Location Example 4

If you live in an apartment and do not see a Fiber Jack, look for an ethernet wall plate instead:

Apartment Ethernet Wall Plate

Power your Fiber Jack

The fiber cable from outside your home attaches to a special port on one side of the Fiber Jack. The GFLT100, GFLT132, GOGP220C, and GOGP222C have a power cord that plugs into a standard electrical outlet. The GFLT110 and GFLT300 both get their power from the router and don't require a power cable.

Troubleshoot your Fiber Jack

The LEDs on the front of the Fiber Jack indicate its status. If you're having trouble with your Fiber Jack, you can use our troubleshooter to diagnose the issue based on how the LEDs look.

Google Fiber uses open source components (some of which are licensed under GPL). You can find our repository of open source code at

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