Get started with Analytics

Three steps to sign up and set up.

Step 1: Sign up for an account.

Visit the Google Analytics website to sign up for a new account. Click the Access Google Analytics button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Set up account properties.

Google Analytics is flexible and can support different account configurations, but your setup affects how data appears in your reports. To help plan your setup, consult the articles in our overview of accounts, users, properties, and views.

If you’re setting up Google Analytics to track an app, consult our best practices for mobile-app analytics setup.

Step 3: Set up your tracking code.

Include the Analytics tracking ID and code in your website or mobile app in order to collect and send usage data to your Analytics account. You can track multiple properties in the same account, but every property must be set up individually. Follow different processes to set up web tracking and to set up mobile app tracking.

After you’ve completed your set up, return to this Help Center to learn more about managing your account, using your reports, and linking Google Analytics to AdWords.

If you link Google Analytics to your AdWords account, Analytics automatically tracks the behavior of users coming from your AdWords ads. This data can help you gauge the ROI of your AdWords budget and make informed decisions about changes to your AdWords account.