This help center article is part of the App + Web Property Beta.

App + Web properties are not currently supported in the Analytics app.

Realtime lets you monitor activity on your site or app as it happens:


  • The number of users right now
  • The top user property collected
  • The top country where users engage
  • The top app version in use (app only)


  • The number of events right now
  • The top event collected
  • The top country from which events were collected
  • The top app version in use (app only)

Hover over Users | Events to see trending and time-related data.

Ways to use Realtime

With Realtime, you can immediately and continuously monitor the effects that new campaigns and site changes have on your traffic:

  • Monitor whether new and changed content on your site is affecting traffic
  • See whether a one-day promotion is driving traffic to your site or app
  • Monitor the immediate effects on traffic from a blog/social network post or tweet
  • Verify that the tracking code is working on your site or app


If your data looks incorrect in Realtime, check which filters you applied to the report. Use only a filter to isolate a particular stream (e.g., your website) when you're debugging a code implementation.

App data

App data is batched to conserve battery life, so you may notice delays. Batching typically occurs on the order of minutes.

No data

If you don’t see any data in your Realtime reports, it’s possible that there are no active users.

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