Prevent Ad Exchange from serving on certain inventory

If some pages of your website have content that is against Ad Exchange policy, you may want to exclude Ad Exchange buyers from buying only on those pages, instead of excluding Ad Exchange from buying on your entire site. This will ensure that the inventory you expose to Ad Exchange respects our policies. Learn how to identify policy issues

The actions you must take depend on how you send your inventory to DoubleClick products.

Ad Exchange-only users

Review the Ad Exchange policy and remove any Ad Exchange tags from your policy-violating pages.

Users of both DFP and Ad Exchange

Do not send policy-violating inventory to Ad Exchange. To signal to DFP that your inventory is not policy-compliant, we recommend you use DFP key-values to block the traffic from going to Ad Exchange:

  1. Create a DFP key-value with the key allow_adx and values false and true.
  2. Identify your pages that aren't in compliance with Ad Exchange policy, and insert the DFP key-value you created in step 1 into the GPT tags of all these pages so that the key-value allow_adx=false is sent to DFP when a page shouldn't call Ad Exchange.
  3. Change your trafficking in Ad Exchange so that non-policy-compliant inventory doesn't reach Ad Exchange:
    • Ad Exchange Line items: Negatively target the key-value allow_adx (using "is not" as the targeting criterion) on all transacting Ad Exchange line items to prevent non-compliant traffic from being sent to Ad Exchange.
    • Yield groups: Negatively target the key-value allow_adx on all yield groups to prevent non-compliant traffic from being sent to Ad Exchange.
    • DFP First Look rules

      The following is the correct process for preventing non-policy-compliant First Look inventory from reaching Ad Exchange. However, we are aware of an issue that prevents this from working in all cases, and are working on a fix. We recommend you continue to create this First Look rule, as follows.

This article does not amend the Ad Exchange policies. Google reserves the right to take policy enforcement actions at the page, site, or account level.
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