Review and block ads

You can see and take action on individual Ad Exchange ads that have served to your inventory with the Ad review center (ARC). First follow these three steps to access the Ad review center, and then choose from the options below.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Select Delivery and then Creatives and then Ad review center
  3. Click the appropriate inventory type, for example, Display or Video and audio.

Review ads

Select the Prioritized for review tab to see the Ad Exchange ads auto-ranked by a number of signals to ensure you see the most important ads first.

Select the Most impressions to see all ads ranked by the number of impressions they've received in the last 30 days. Ads must have received at least a small number of impressions to be eligible for review.

Look through the ads. You can click an ad to see more details. The detailed view allows you to preview the ad and information like size, type, destination URL, Google Ads account or ad network, and so forth.

To further help you decide which ads to block, we provide the following performance-related information for each ad:

  • Impressions: shows you a graph of the number of impressions per day an ad has had over the past 30 days. You can use the graph to see if an ad has served recently, or if an ad has stopped serving altogether. Note that an ad that hasn't served recently could still serve again (unless it's been blocked), but the longer it's stalled the less likely this is.

Ads which have been reviewed will live in the reviewed section under either Reviewed or Blocked (for ads shown on your site which you have blocked).

Review specific ads

You can type in the search bar or use the filtering options to find ads in the Ad review center.

You can search for ads by their text, destination URL, or the domain they were served on.

Mark ads as reviewed

To allow an ad to continue showing on your pages, you can mark it as reviewed. The ad will move to the Reviewed tab, so you won't need to review it again.

To mark individual ads as reviewed:

  • Hover over the ad and click Select this ad 選択, and then click Mark as reviewed in the upper right corner of the page.

To mark a page of ads as allowed

  • Click Mark all as reviewed in the lower right corner of the page.

Reject ads

If you don't want an ad to appear on your pages again, you can block it. Ads you block move to the Blocked tab.

The block account option applies to creatives served from Google Ads only. There is no block account option for Real-time Bidding (RTB) creatives. 

To block an ad:

  • Hover over the ad and click Block this ad Block.
  • If you think the ad violates Google policies, click Report ad.
    We may not review all of the ads that you report, but we will incorporate your feedback into our review process.

To block all ads from a Google Ads account:

  • Click on an ad, and then in the right panel of the detailed view, click Block account.

    All ads from this Google Ads account will now always be blocked. This applies to all targeting types (contextual, interest-based, and placement).

    Blocking ads from a Google Ads account may have a negative impact on your revenue. 

To see a list of Google Ads accounts you've blocked:

  • Click More More in the upper right corner of the page, and then click View blocked Google Ads accounts.

    Blocked Google Ads accounts are listed by account name (the network or company name of the Google Ads account). If you see the account name "Anonymous advertiser" it means that the Google Ads advertiser has not specified a network or company name.

Updates that you make to ads should take effect on your pages within a few hours.

Ads from other sources

Ads which do not come from a Google Ads account cannot be blocked in the Ad review center. To block those ads, use Protections.

Changed your mind?

After you've taken action on an ad or Google Ads account, you can immediately click Undo. You can also change your mind later:

  • Ads: To unblock an ad, visit the Blocked tab, then click Unblock this ad Block.
  • Google Ads​ accounts: To unblock a Google Ads account: click More More, click View blocked Google Ads accounts, and then click Unblock next to the Google Ads account.

Updates to ads or Google Ads accounts that you've acted on in the past may take up to a day to take effect on your pages.

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