Update ad experiences controls

Update to video controls
The "Allow video ads" opt-in has migrated to blocks and has been renamed "Block non-in-stream video ads."

You can control programmatic eligibility for all ad experiences in one place. "Ad experiences" controls centralize protection settings and provide management for all ad formats available through programmatic demand in Ad Manager.  

The controls apply sensible default settings to each ad experience type, which you can adjust to your preferences. 

Ad experiences controls apply to these transactions

  • Open Auctions
  • Private Auctions
  • First Look
  • Preferred Deals (only allow unknown or minimum platform policy compliance only ads and only for advertiser hosted)
  • Programmatic Guaranteed (only allow unknown or minimum platform policy compliance only ads and only for advertiser hosted)

Learn more about transaction types.

Available controls

When creating a new protection, you'll find controls for "Ad experiences" under both "Blocks" and "Opt-ins." A control is placed based on its default settings. For example:

  • Non‑in-stream video ads are allowed by default, so they appear under "Blocks." To disallow them, enable the block.
  • "Allow unknown or minimum platform policy compliance only ads" (including include In-Banner Video ads) are blocked by default, so they appear under "Opt-ins." To allow them, enable the opt-in.
If you choose not to opt in to "Allow unknown or minimum platform policy compliance only" ads, AdWords may still serve in-banner video.

You only need to add a protection if you want to change this configuration.

Ad experiences blocks

Name Details
Block display ads Blocks all display ads. Allows only video ads for targeted inventory. Instream inventory will continue to show video ads.
Block non‑in-stream video ads Blocks display ads that are VAST or otherwise contain a video file such as an MP4, WEBM, or HLS. This includes video ads that appear outside of a video player.

For native video, Native video Guided design editor users need to set up a native video style to make their inventory eligible.

Ad experiences opt-ins

Name Details
Allow unknown or minimum platform policy compliance only ads Ads that have unknown ad behavior, or that meet the minimum threshold to transact programmatically but don't fully comply with all of our ad policies. This currently only includes video ads that don't adhere to the non-in-stream video ad policy. Additional policies will be added in the future, including some of these requirements.

Get started

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Protections, then Protections.
  3. Click New protection, then Ad content.
  4. Enter a name for your protection.
  5. (Optional) From the "Inventory type" dropdown, select the medium on which you want to control the display of ads, such as Mobile app.
  6. To target specific inventory:
    1. Select Only protect specified inventory.
    2. Click Add targeting and select an item from the dropdown.
    3. On the item you added, click Expand and make your targeting selections.
    4. (Optional) To close the item, click Collapse and add more targeting as needed. 
       Learn more about targeting in protections
  7. Under "Blocks" or "Opt-ins," click Ad experiences.
  8. To enable an option, click the switch on On
  9. Click Update.
  10. Add more protections as needed and click Save.

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