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Create Effective Mobile Ads: Google Best Practices

Google's official checklist for mobile advertising.

Smartphones are an integral part of how people search and browse the web. This mobile advertising guide has 14 tips on mobile ads to help grow your business.

Mobile ad creatives and extensions in AdWords

1.  Implement important mobile-friendly extensions and ad formats:

Why: Providing this information through extensions can increase CTR and make it easier for consumers to call you and find the location, products, and details they are looking for.


2.  Enable mobile-preferred sitelinks with mobile utility in mind. Try for a minimum of six to give yourself the best possible presence.

Why: There’s less mobile real estate, so mobile sitelinks should be short and crisp. Mobile users also might find different pages on your site more useful.

Google AdWords Best Practices - Use Mobile-Friendly Ad Extensions

Learn about the 4 ad extensions in AdWords that are particularly useful for mobile users. Find out more at

3.  Put all of your important info and mobile-specific calls to action in the headline and description line one of your mobile-preferred ads.

Why: Description line two may not be shown on mobile devices in some instances (such as when it isn’t expected to perform better than your mobile-relevant extensions).


4.  Make description line one and description line two complete and separate sentences on your mobile-preferred ads.

Why: There are instances where description line one will be promoted to the title and form a longer headline so that description line two will still show.


5.  Use your display URL to indicate that you have a mobile-friendly landing page if you have one (e.g.,, which you can even use for mobile-preferred ads that direct to responsive-design sites since display URLs are customizable).

Why: Mobile-optimized sites make life easier for mobile users. A mobile-friendly display URL signals to the user that they should expect an enjoyable mobile experience.

See how your site scores on mobile-friendliness and speed, and find out how to improve it. Test your site.

Google Best Practices - Write Mobile Friendly Ads

Ads targeting mobile users have the same end goal as ads targeting desktop users, and that is to gain user engagement that is meaningful to your business. This video shares key actions you can take to create effective mobile-friendly ads in AdWords. Find out more at

6.  For the Google Display Network, use mobile-specific ad sizes.

Why: Mobile sites have different inventory than desktop, so to target them you’ll need the correct ad sizes.


Use standard GDN ad sizes: 320x50, 300x250, 728x90 and text ads.

Reach mobile users with AdWords

7.  If you’ve had success with Shopping campaigns, the Google Display Network or video ads on desktop, expand your targeting to include mobile in those venues.

Why: People shop, visit your site and consume other content on their mobile devices. Your ads should be ready to greet them wherever they are.


8.  Advertise to mobile users on all campaigns where it makes sense to do so.

Why: Traffic from mobile devices is only going to continue to grow, so start targeting that traffic now.

Measuring the value of mobile ads

9.  Ensure that mobile conversion tracking is in place and actively working.

Why: If you have a separate mobile site you’ll need to install conversion tracking just as you did for desktop.


10.  Measure the Full Value of Mobile by taking into account the different conversions that a mobile user could generate for your business (e.g., converted clicks on your site, cross-device conversions, calls as conversions, website call conversions, app downloads and in-app conversions).

Why: Onsite conversions are just one part of a mobile user’s potential experience with your brand.


11.  Track the performance of your calls with call details and set up & optimize call conversions. Determine the time threshold for valuable calls and use that to decide what success looks like.

Why: Calls are more valuable than onsite conversions for many advertisers. Details like call duration can give you deeper insights into the value of calls from AdWords.


Call details rely on dynamically-generated Google forwarding numbers. If you want to display the same phone number in all of your ads, you can opt out of Google forwarding numbers (along with call details).

Google Best Practices - Count All Mobile Conversions

Mobile behavior is often different from what we’ve come to expect from desktop users. This video covers all the different ways that mobile users could convert and how to track them in AdWords. Find out more at

Adjusting bids on mobile ads

12.  Bid your ads to the top of search results on mobile, as that’s where the vast majority of clicks are generated.

Why: Ads above the results get more prominent notice with smaller mobile screens. There are also no ads on the right-hand side of the results on mobile.


13.  Base your mobile bid adjustments off of the full value of mobile, which is best captured in the Estimated Total Conversions column.

Guide me in my account Guide me in my account to adjust mobile bids.

Why: Estimated Total Conversions count cross-device conversions, app downloads and some calls from mobile click-to-call ads that are tracked by Google call forwarding numbers.

Google Best Practices - Bid to the Full Value of Mobile

Placement really matters for mobile users. Learn two important considerations for setting mobile bids in AdWords and how to bid to the full value of mobile. Find out more at

Mobile advertising without mobile-optimized sites

14.  If your business accepts calls and you prefer that mobile users call you instead of going to your site, use call-only ads.

Why: It’s a direct way for mobile users to reach you easily and quickly. And it’s a way for you to lead with your best channel.



Download a printable version of the checklist.


Google Best Practices - Connect with Mobile Users

Mobile advertising is crucial to connecting with people during their micro-moments that often happen on their mobile devices. Learn how AdWords can help you connect with those users. Find out more at


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