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When people search on Google, text ads can appear at different positions relative to organic search results. Top ads are adjacent to the top organic search results. Top ads are generally above the top organic results, although top ads may show below the top organic search results on certain queries. Placement of top ads is dynamic and may change based on the user's search.

Your ad's position on the page is determined by your Ad Rank – a combination of your bid, auction-time ad quality (including expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience), the Ad Rank thresholds, the context of the person’s search (location, device, time of search, search terms, the other ads and search results on the page, and other user signals and attributes), and the expected impact of assets and other ad formatting.

This article gives you some tips to improve your ad's position

Keep in mind

To be eligible for a top spot, your ad needs to meet the relevant Ad Rank thresholds. The thresholds required to appear among top ads are generally greater than the thresholds required to appear elsewhere, which is why top ads typically have higher CPCs than ads elsewhere.

How you can help your ads make it to the top

Here are some tips on how to get your ads eligible for the top spots:

  • Improve your Ad Rank: Consider including more relevant information in your ads about your business to improve your expected clickthrough rate (CTR) and by creating ads with assets, such as sitelinks. Learn more.
  • Focus on relevance: Make sure your ads and landing pages are relevant to what customers are searching for. If your ads aren't relevant, they might show, but they won't get as many clicks and may have a high CPC. This leads to poor performance over time.
  • Keep your bid competitive: Try keeping your bid high enough so that you can compete with other advertisers who are also bidding on the same keywords you are. Look through the top of page bid estimates to help you figure out how much you probably need to bid to compete for a top spot on the page.
  • Monitor your campaign results: Making small but regular improvements now could have a big impact later on.

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