Enable both text and image ads in Ad Exchange

Opportunity assessment

Enabling both text and image ads to compete for your ad inventory drives auction pressure, potentially resulting in increases in both match rate and eCPM.

Agency budgets are typically earmarked for both reserved buys and automated bidding, so allowing display inventory to compete enables you to capture demand for automated bidding through trading desks and DSPs.

Google Ads is currently the largest buyer of inventory on the Ad Exchange and serves mostly text ads. To make the most of your inventory, we also recommend enabling Google Ads to act as a buyer.



To enable text and image ads:

  1. In Ad Exchange, click Rules, then Ad styles & backup ads. You can see which ad types are allowed under “Ad Styles.”
  2. To update to serve both text and image, click Edit and select Image/Rich media & text ads under “Ad Types.” Learn more about ad types.
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