Cancel Google Workspace

Cancel a Google Workspace subscription

If Essentials or Cloud Identity is your only subscription, see instead Cancel Essentials or Cancel Cloud Identity.

To stop using Google Workspace at your organization, cancel your subscription. If you’re billed on a monthly Flexible Plan, canceling your subscription immediately stops you from incurring new charges for Google Workspace services.

You might still be charged for services used since your last payment. Learn more below

  • If Google Workspace is your only subscription—After canceling your subscription, you can delete your organization’s Google account. This frees your domain within 24 hours for use with a new Google account.
  • If you have other subscriptions, besides Google Workspace such as for a domain registration—Canceling your subscription deletes your Google Workspace data but keeps your other subscriptions active. Learn more below
  • If you want to resubscribe to Google Workspace—You can add a new Google Workspace subscription to your existing account within 51 days of cancelling. Otherwise, you'll need to wait until 84 days after you cancel when the cancellation process finishes.

Before you cancel

After you cancel your Google Workspace subscription, user accounts and Google Workspace data will be deleted and can’t be restored. Before you continue, you will likely need to save your data.

Google Workspace data (such as emails, documents, calendar events)

Before you cancel your Google Workspace subscription or delete your organization's Google Account, download any Google Workspace user data you want to save. This includes Gmail messages, Google Calendar events, Google+ content, and files stored in Google Drive. After you cancel Google Workspace or delete your account, Google Workspace user data will be deleted.

The easiest way to download and export your users' data is to use the Data Export tool.

Cancel your Google Workspace subscription

Perform these steps on a computer to cancel your Google Workspace subscription.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using an account with super administrator privileges (does not end in

  2. From the Admin console Home page, at the top left, click Menu ""and thenBillingand thenSubscriptions.
  3. Click your subscriptionand thenCancel Subscription.

    Read about charges after you cancel.

  4. Select a reason for cancelingand thenclick Continue.
  5. Enter your email addressand thenclick Cancel My Subscription.

You’ll be signed out of the Admin console. When you sign back in, you’ll be prompted to accept the Cloud Identity (free edition) Terms of Service, which lets you keep your organization’s Google account and use the Admin console.

Google Data Studio reports

If you use Data Studio to create reports, your reports will still be available. As long as you keep Cloud Identity, there's no change in sharing restrictions.

If you have other subscriptions

If you cancel Google Workspace but still manage other subscriptions in your Admin console, such as for a domain registration, you can do either of the following:

  • Keep managing your other subscriptions from your Admin console.
  • Delete your organization's Google account—Requires canceling all your subscriptions. This frees your domain within 24 hours for use with a new Google account. For details, go to Delete your organization's Google account.

To check if you have other subscriptions:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using an account with super administrator privileges (does not end in

  2. From the Admin console Home page, at the top left, click Menu ""and thenBillingand thenSubscriptions.

    At the top, under Subscriptions, you’ll find your current subscriptions.

Canceling Google Workspace when you have Cloud Identity

When you have Cloud Identity in addition to Google Workspace, and you cancel your Google Workspace subscription, you lose access to all Google Workspace services except Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Keep with these caveats:

  • All administrative controls and Drive settings—such as audit, reporting, sharing policies, and alerts—that are available only with Google Workspace will be deleted. You must add Google Workspace to access administrative controls. For details on sharing permissions for Cloud Identity users, go to Set Drive users' file sharing permissions.
  • Your users' storage capacity will be reduced to 15 GB. If your users purchased other storage, it isn’t automatically restored. To prevent storage restrictions on Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos that can occur after you cancel, go to Options for adding Drive storage.
  • Shared drives—After you cancel, you can view shared drive data, but you can’t edit, move, or delete the data or drives.


I can't access the Admin console. What do I do?

If you can’t access your Admin console, try these solutions.

Can you refund my credit?

Yes. If you have funds remaining after canceling your subscription, contact us to request a refund.

Why was I charged after cancellation?

After you cancel your subscription, you’re billed at the start of the next month for any outstanding charges in your account. The amount is calculated according to your service and billing plan:

  • Flexible Plan—You’re charged for the days you used the service. For example, if you cancel on the 15th of this month, you're billed for half a month of service.
  • Annual/Fixed-Term Plan—You’re charged for the remaining balance of your commitment.
  • Essentials—You’re charged the full monthly cost for each active user in that month. Learn more about How Essentials billing works.

Is my old Google+ data restored if I resubscribe to Google Workspace?

After you cancel your Google Workspace subscription, your Google+ data is deleted. Your organization’s Google+ data might be available when you resubscribe only if you had a G Suite for Education or G Suite for Nonprofits subscription. Otherwise, your organization’s Google+ data isn’t available when you resubscribe.
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