Verify your domain for Google Workspace

Make sure no one else can use your domain with Google Workspace

Why do I need to do this?

We don't want someone else to use your domain to sign up for Google Workspace. You can help us keep your domain safe by showing us that you are the owner.

You do this by updating settings for your domain at your domain registrar, not at Google.

How to verify your domain

We have step-by-step instructions for many popular domain registrars. We'll also explain more about how verification works.

Find steps for your domain registrar

If your registrar isn't listedFollow these generic steps, instead (they will work, too).

Who is my domain registrar

Usually your domain registrar is:

  • The company where you bought your domain.
  • The company that hosts your website. 

Help me identify my registrar

FAQ for experts

How do I get my verification code from Google Workspace?
  1. Make sure you're signed in to your Google Workspace admin account.
  2. Open the Google Workspace setup tool.
  3. Follow instructions at the tool to find your verification code and enter it at your domain registrar.
Who is my domain registrar?

If you’re not sure where you bought your domain, see Identify your domain registrar.

Why does Google make me update my DNS records?

DNS records are the best way to ensure that the owner of a domain is the one who's signing up for Google Workspace. Other verification methods, such as HTML strings or meta tags, can be used by malicious actors to create fraudulent Google Workspace accounts.
Is my domain verified?
If you haven't verified your primary domain, you'll see a Set up Admin Console prompt at the top of the Admin console dashboard that will walk you through the steps to verify.

To check if a secondary domain is verified, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu and then Accountand thenDomainsand thenManage domains.
  3. The Status column shows the current state of your domain. 
When should I verify my domain?
  • Verify your domain or secondary domain as soon as possible to use Google Workspace services. Verifying your domain doesn’t affect your email or website.
  • You must verify your domain within the first 9 days of your free trial period. A Google Workspace account with an unverified primary domain is subject to automatic cancellation. 

    Important: if you've already set up billing, your account can't be automatically cancelled. Learn more about how to cancel Google Workspace.

How long does verification take?

Adding your Google Workspace verification record takes about 10 minutes. The time it takes for your verification record to become active depends on your domain host. After your records are active, it can take up to one hour for us to confirm you added the record, but it usually happens quickly.

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