Delete your domain's Google account

If you don't want to use Google services with your primary domain anymore, you can delete your Google enterprise account. You must also do this if you want to add the domain to another Google account. Deleting an account requires deleting users' mail, contacts, documents, and other data. When you do this, all your data is permanently deleted from our servers in accordance with Google's Privacy Policy. If you want to save this data first, you can export it  before deleting the account. Watch a video or see details, below.

Delete your Google Apps account

Trying to resolve a conflicting account? Don't delete your Google enterprise account to address conflicting user accounts if your users are actively using your Google services. Instead, see how to resolve a conflicting account.

To delete a Google enterprise account:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console
  2. Export any user data you want to save.
  3. Delete all users except for one administrator account.
  4. Remove all domains and domain aliases (except the primary domain).
  5. Disable the OAuth consumer key.

    Go to Security > Advanced Settings > Manage OAuth domain key and uncheck Enable this consumer key.

  6. Uninstall any Marketplace applications.
  7. Cancel your Google Apps for Business subscription.
  8. Delete your account.

    Go to Company profile > Profile > Account deletion and click Delete this account. (This option isn't available if you haven't yet cancelled your subscription.)

  9. Click Continue.

It can take up to 24 hours to fully delete an account from our system (or 7 days if you purchased your account from a reseller). If you're deleting an account so you can add its domain to another Google account, you might have to wait for this time to expire before you can add it to another account.