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Add AppSheet to Google Workspace

If your Google Workspace edition doesn't include an AppSheet Core license (see Google Workspace editions that include AppSheet Core), your organization can add AppSheet Core as an add-on paid subscription to Google Workspace.

Add AppSheet Core to Google Workspace

If your organization has Google Workspace, follow these steps to add AppSheet Core to your organization's account.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using an account with super administrator privileges (does not end in

  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu and then Billingand thenUpgrades and addons.
  3. At the left, click Google Workspace add-ons.
  4. On AppSheet Core, click Get Started.
  5. Follow the instructions to review the pricing and payment plan, and to select your payment method.
  6. Set the AppSheet Core security setting, if needed

Charges for AppSheet Core will be included in your monthly Google Workspace invoice.

Add AppSheet Enterprise to Google Workspace

To subscribe to AppSheet Enterprise to Google Workspace, contact your AppSheet Sales representative.

Set the AppSheet Core security setting

For Workspace organizations with AppSheet Core licenses assigned before July 2023, the Turn off AppSheet Core security is set by default to maintain current behavior. For Workspace organizations with AppSheet Core licenses assigned July 2023 and after, the Turn on AppSheet Core security setting is set by default. 
For AppSheet Core app creators
If the setting is turned on, you will receive a Workspace AppSheet Core security violation error if you are using any of the disabled features in your app. Remove the disabled features from your app or contact your Workspace administrator for more information and assistance.
If you receive an OutgoingEmailAllowListViolations error in Audit History, then either your team admin has restricted the recipient list for outgoing mail or sending email to external recipients is not allowed by policy, as described below. To address this issue, contact your team administrator to adjust the restricted recipient list or contact your Workspace administrator for assistance with turning off the AppSheet Core Security setting.
Use the AppSheet Core licenses security setting to disable the following features for all users in your Workspace organization that have AppSheet Core licenses:
  • Sharing AppSheet apps and databases with external app users
  • Connecting to external app data
  • Automation emails to external recipients 
  • External integration through the app API
  • Webhooks


  • The AppSheet Core security setting applies only to Workspace users in the primary domain, and not to users in secondary domains such as tenant domains or Workspace allow-listed domains. Workspace users in secondary domains are considered to be external app users.
  • If the setting is turned on, all AppSheet Core users can share their apps only with other Workspace users in the same primary domain.
  • For more granular governance, Enterprise licenses are required.

To turn on or off the AppSheet Core security setting:

  1. In the Admin console, go to Menu >  Apps > Google Workspace.
  2. Select AppSheet Core license security settings.
  3. Select Turn on AppSheet Core security or Turn off AppSheet Core security.

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