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Data Export provides export functionality for G Suite Core Services. However, the export may not include everything you’d expect, so please review this article carefully. Certain data currently must be exported through alternative means, as available.

We'll update this article to notify you about any changes to this data export tool.

Note: Data that users have deleted is unavailable for export using Data Export 

Important Notes

We'll update this article with any changes to the data export tool.

The data export tool currently doesn't support:

Contact Google Cloud Support for further clarification or assistance.

Data that should be exported using other methods:

  • Data that was deleted by users but is being retained by Vault—A Vault admin can export this data.

  • Cloud Search data—Learn how to retrieve your organization's Cloud Search data.

Contact Google Cloud Support if you need assistance using these methods to export your data.


To use the data export tool, you must:

  • Have held an account in your domain for a period of 30 days or more, if your domain was created more than 30 days ago.
  • Be a super administrator of your Google domain.
  • Have 2-Step Verification enforced on your account. This is required only for the admin performing the export.
  • Have fewer than 1,000 users on your Google Account. If you have more than 1,000 users, contact Google Cloud Support to temporarily enable the data export tool.

Export your users' data

  1. Open the data export tool.
    Tip: To do this from the Google Admin console: at the top right, click Open Open, and under Tools, click data export.
  2. Click Start export.

Data export typically takes 72 hours but can take up to 9 days, depending on the size of your data export. You'll get an email to notify you when the process is complete and ready to import to an alternative service.

If you prefer that your users download their own data, refer them to Download your data.

View the exported data

In your confirmation email or in the data export tool, click Access archive.

In the archive, click the folder to see a list of user folders. Each user folder contains a zip file of that user's data. Click the zip file to download the data of a user, then unzip the file to see each user's data by product. The exported data is available for 30 days and then it's permanently deleted.


Can I export my users' data again? 
Yes. 30 days after your last export completes, you can start the export process again.  
Can I export data for only some of my users?

No. If you use the data export tool, all data is exported for all users in your domain. You can’t export certain types of data or data for only some users.

Individual users can export different types of data themselves. For details, see Download your data.

I only want to export email data. Can the data export tool do this?

No. You can’t specify the type of data to export with the data export tool. It exports all data for all users in your domain.

Individual users can export different types of data themselves. For details, see Download your data.

Can I stop the export process once it has started?

No. Once you start the export process you have to wait until it's finished.

Where is the data located when it is exported?
The data is located in the United States. 
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