Transfer data between Google Workspace accounts

As an administrator, you can transfer your users' data—email, calendars, documents, sites, and more—from an existing account to a new one. You can also choose to merge data from several accounts into one account. In some cases, you transfer the users' data. In other cases, users move their own data.

Note: If you transfer a lot of data all at once, it might take some time for the data to appear.

Transfer data for multiple users

Administrators who need to transfer data for multiple users between Google Workspace accounts can use these methods:

  Ways to transfer data to a Google Workspace account

Choose one of the following options to migrate emails:

Google Workspace

If you have a customer migration of 1,000 users or more, you can migrate data from one Google Workspace environment to another using Google Workspace Migrate.

Transfer data as a user or member of a small team

If you’re an end user or a member of a small team, you can transfer your own data using these methods:

  Ways to transfer data to a Google Workspace account
Google Analytics

Reorganize your properties in Analytics including moving them from one account to another:

Google Calendar

Transfer your own calendars to another owner in a new Google Workspace account:

Your users can download calendars in their My calendars list or share individual calendars with users in a new account:

Google Contacts

Your users can export their contacts to a CSV file and then transfer them to their new account by importing them:

Google Drive
Google Sites

A site owner can copy their site to their new account and share it with other users:


If your channel is connected to a Brand Account, you can change channel owners and managers:

Other Google products

Your users can export and download data from other Google products, such as Google My Maps and Photos. Then, they can move the data to the new account:

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