Move G Suite data to another service provider

If your organization decides to leave G Suite, your users can take their G Suite data with them. They can export emails, contacts, calendars, videos, and more. Then, they can import the data to your new provider. In most cases, each user needs to move their own data. Or, you can work with a G Suite partner to move data for you.

How you move data

  1. An administrator creates a new account for each user with your new provider.
  2. Each user exports their own G Suite data using one of these methods:
  3. Each user imports their own data to their new account.

Important: Make sure users move their data before you delete your organization’s G Suite account.

Export all G Suite data together

Each user can download all the data they need from their G Suite account (including emails, calendars, contacts, documents, bookmarks, and more) to one place at the same time. Users can choose which Google products to archive. For example, they can choose to download their emails and documents, but not their bookmarks or photos. Only the user can access their archive and import it into a new service.

For details, see Download your data.

Export data from individual Google products

Users can download data individually from the Google products they use:

  • Email—Users can download all Gmail messages to another mail client, such as Microsoft® Outlook® or Mozilla® Thunderbird®. First, an administrator needs to turn on POP and IMAP for users. Then, have each user set up IMAP to read messages from Gmail in other mail clients.
  • Contacts—Users can export their contacts as a CSV or vCard file to import into another email account. For details, see Manage contacts.
  • Calendar—Users can export events from a single calendar, or from all calendars in their My Calendars list. For details, see Export your calendar.
  • Drive—Users can save their Google Drive documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings to a computer or Android device in various file formats. For details, see Download a file.
  • All other Google products—See the in-product help for the product.

Export users’ data as an administrator

If, as an administrator, you want to download your users’ data using an API, you need to use a service account that’s authorized to access data on behalf of users in a domain.

For details, see Delegating domain-wide authority to a service account.


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