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Community and comments
  • Experimenting with the 'Held for review' tab in YouTube Studio: We're experimenting with the 'Held for review' tab in the Comments section of YouTube Studio. If you're part of the experiment, we'll expire comments from your 'Held for review' tab after 60 days. We hope that this helps creators quickly review the freshest comments, while removing less relevant ones. There is no change to published comments.
YouTube Studio
  • Improved caption editing in YouTube Studio. You can now easily upload, edit and insert captions for your videos with the new caption editor directly in YouTube Studio. Learn more


 Monthly roundup from the YouTube Creators channel

[October 2020] YouTube Creators monthly roundup

Previous updates

Updates from the past six months

YouTube Studio

Note: For any updates regarding Analytics in YouTube Studio, check the Analytics section.

October 2020

  • New customisation experience in YouTube Studio: You can now easily manage your channel layout, branding and basic info in one place with the new customisation page in YouTube Studio. Learn more.
  • Blur feature in YouTube Studio: We're bringing an improved blur experience to YouTube Studio, giving you more options for face blur and custom blur. Learn more.

September 2020

  • Studio Permissions for brand accounts: Channel Permissions in YouTube Studio are a new and easy way for you to grant other people access to your channel data, tools and features in YouTube Studio. Channel Permissions are now available to channels associated with a brand account. Learn more.
  • Playlist features going away soon: The following playlist features will be discontinued starting 8 October 2020 due to low usage: video notes, translated playlist titles/descriptions, remove duplicates button and auto-add. Playlists are core to YouTube and you can still use other features to manage your playlists. Learn more.

  • Classic editing effects are going away soon: Classic editing effects will be going away after 30 September 2020. These features were rarely used and we're removing them to enhance your experience in YouTube Studio. Learn more.

August 2020

  • Advanced channel settings in YouTube Studio: You can now manage your advanced channel settings such as channel redirects and channel visibility directly in YouTube Studio. Learn more.

July 2020

  • Editor (limited) role in Studio Permissions: With the new editor (limited) role, you can now invite users to help manage your account in YouTube Studio without giving them access to your revenue data. Learn more.
  • Improved card experience in YouTube Studio: You can now add cards directly from the video details page and while uploading a video in YouTube Studio. Learn more
  • New default channel layout: Channel pages will by default display content in three pre-configured sections: Uploads, Created playlists and Subscriptions. Creators can still choose to customise their channel page and add up to 10 sections. Learn more.

June 2020

  • Feature changes for customising your channel: Translated channel sections and vertical section layout will be discontinued from 15 July 2020. We're also redesigning featured channels to increase visibility on mobile. These features were rarely used and we're removing them to simplify your experience, as well as focus on bringing channel customisation to YouTube Studio later this year. Learn more

May 2020

  • Poll cards going away soon: Poll cards will be discontinued across all channel pages after 10 June 2020. You can still use comments to review feedback from viewers and eligible creators can use Community posts to engage with viewers. You have until 10 July 2020 to access your poll cards. Learn more.
  • YouTube Studio is the new home for creators: Creator Studio Classic has now gone away for all channels. Learn more

April 2020

  • Upload videos in bulk: You can now upload multiple videos at one time in YouTube Studio. Learn more


September 2020
  • Automatic disclosure of paid product placements: Any video marked as containing paid promotions, such as paid product placements, sponsorships and endorsements, will have a disclosure shown saying that the video contains paid promotions.
August 2020
  • YouTube Giving expansion: Monetising creators and artists in the US, UK and Canada now have access to YouTube Giving if they have 40K subscribers or more. There have been some updates to eligibility, as well. Learn more about YouTube Giving.
  • Channel memberships prepaid experiment: Starting 3 August 2020, we'll run an experiment that will allow viewers to purchase either a three-month or six-month channel membership in one single payment. This option will be available to most viewers in the US, India, France, Germany and Spain for up to three months.
July 2020
A more balanced viewer experience and monetisation potential for creators: The video length threshold to have mid-roll ad breaks in your videos has now been reduced from 10 minutes to 8 minutes. Automated mid-roll ad breaks are now the upload default for eligible videos longer than 8 minutes, and have been enabled on existing eligible videos. Learn more.

May 2020

  • New 'checking' icon and monetisation system improvements: There's a new 'checking' icon that shows you that our systems are still reviewing your content. Ads won't run during this time period. Upload as unlisted or private until checks are complete. 

Policy and copyright

  • Learn about YouTube's recent policy updates here.

YouTube Analytics

September 2020

New live stream features in YouTube Analytics: We've added new live-stream features in YouTube Analytics that allow you to: 

See a summary of your latest video or live stream's performance from your channel dashboard.

August 2020

  • See audience interests in YouTube Analytics: You can now see what other videos your audience watched on the Audience tab in YouTube Analytics. This allows you to find topics for new videos, title or thumbnail ideas, and collaboration opportunities. Learn more. 
  • New live stream features in YouTube Analytics: We've added new live stream features in YouTube Analytics that allow you to:

July 2020

  • New monetization metric in YouTube Analytics: You can now see how much money you’ve earned from multiple revenue sources with the Revenue per 1,000 views (RPM) metric in YouTube Analytics. Learn more.

Live streaming

May 2020
  • See issues at a glance for live and Stories: We have extended the restrictions column to live and Stories. The restrictions column is an additional status column on the video page that will show you if there are any video distribution or monetisation-impacting issues at a glance.

Community and comments

July 2020

  • Improved Stories navigation: Viewers can now see your next story by swiping up/down instead of left/right. Instead of swiping up to find comments, viewers can still tap Comments at the bottom of the screen.
  • Watch Now sticker for Stories: We're replacing the Watch Later sticker with a Watch Now video sticker. The Watch Now video sticker links viewers directly to a video, instead of prompting them to add it to a Watch Later playlist. Learn more.

Subscriptions and notifications

No new updates. Check back soon.

Other updates

April 2020
  • Coronavirus updates: For the latest updates on how we're addressing the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, please visit

YouTube Studio app updates

Learn about the latest YouTube Studio app updates here.

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