Add 10 or more listings

If your business has ten or more locations, we recommend uploading a spreadsheet file. Go to to upload and edit your listings using the steps below.

If you've already uploaded a bulk listing file, you can add individual rows or edit your listings without having to download and re-upload your file.

Step 1: Visit Google Places

Check out our Google Places quality guidelines before entering your business listing information. If you don’t follow these guidelines, you will have trouble uploading and displaying your listings on Google Maps.

Also check the article Common issues that delay bulk verification to avoid errors that will delay the verfication process. 

Step 2: Sign in or create a Google account

You may use your existing Google account, but we recommend creating an account using an email address with your business domain. Email addresses without the listed business domain will require additional steps for account verification and may delay the process. For example, if your business website is, an email address with your business domain would be Learn how to create a Google account
Remember, we’ll need to contact you to verify your listings, so please use a functioning email address.

Step 3: Enter business information in a spreadsheet

Clicking "bulk upload" from the phone number entry screen or "Upload a data file" from your listing dashboard will enter you into the spreadsheet upload screen. You'll need to start editing the spreadsheet locally before uploading and completing your information. Start with this template and fill in as much information as you can under the required headers.

Don't worry about having the sheet perfectly complete before importing it, as you'll be able to fill in any missing information after importing the sheet. You can save and upload the spreadsheet in any of the following formats: .csv, .txt, .xls, .tsv, .xlsx, and .ods. Read the Creating your spreadsheet article for more on this step.

Spreadsheets with more than 10,000 locations are too large to be uploaded at once. If you have more than 10,000 locations, you’ll need to upload them in smaller batches.

Note: As outlined in our quality guidelines, only business owners or authorized representatives may verify their business listings on Google. When considering multiple business listings at the same address, please make sure you read the quality guidelines first, especially regarding departments within the same business location.

Don't add multiple businesses or companies to the bulk upload. The best way to meet quality guidelines is to only have one brand/company per account.

Step 4: Upload your spreadsheet

Once you have formatted your spreadsheet, click Import locations from a file to upload your file. Click choose file to select your file, and then click Upload to upload the file.

Step 5: Check your listings for errors

After your spreadsheet file is uploaded, your listings will appear in your dashboard. You’ll be prompted to correct any errors before your listings are published.

Step 6: Request bulk upload verification

It's important to verify your authority to manage your initial upload, because unverified listings will not appear on Google Maps. If you are the business owner of all of the bulk uploaded listings in your Google Places account, you will need to request verification for your bulk upload. Simply click the “Verify your locations” link and fill out the subsequent form. It will be submitted to our team for review. A reviewer will respond to your request at your Google Places email address.

Step 7: Manage and upload additional listings

Once you’ve been verified, you may upload additional listings using new spreadsheets or the in-product upload function. Duplicate uploads will be merged with your existing listings.

Note: Non-bulk upload users (such as store managers) can verify business locations through individual PIN verification even if those locations are bulk verified. In these cases, the PIN-verified users will be able to make updates via the Places for Business dashboard while you continue to make updates through the bulk management tool.