Common issues that delay bulk verification

Summary: Keep reading to troubleshoot an error that’s delaying your bulk verification, or to prevent making such an error in the first place.

Bulk verification for locations can take about one week, but errors or quality guideline violations may delay the process. When you upload a data file to Google My Business, you may encounter errors that can cause location to be disapproved. See the list below for common issues that delay the verification process.

Email addresses that don't contain the official domain name of the business will require additional steps toward verification and may take longer to process.

Business Name:

  • Capitalize appropriately. Make sure the business name reflects the same capitalization as it does in real life.
  • Your business name should be represented exactly as it is in the real world. Do not include any additional information about the business, such as its specialty or store code.

Business Location:

  • Only include existing physical locations.
  • Multiple locations at the same physical location are not permitted within one feed. Please consolidate multiple services or businesses under one title.
  • Address lines should include the exact street address of the location, including suite numbers, floors, building numbers, etc.
  • Information like cross-streets and nearby landmarks should only be included in regions where the official street address doesn’t accurately pinpoint the business's location.
  • All locations should be listed on the business's official website and should match the locations submitted for bulk verification.

Website & Phone:

  • Use a local phone number instead of a call center number whenever possible.
  • Use direct phone numbers and URLs to the business listed, rather than redirects.

Ineligible Business Models:

  • Only businesses that make in-person contact with customers qualify for Google My Business Locations verification.
  • Rental properties or properties for sale, such as vacation homes or vacant apartments, are not eligible to add business information to Google My Business Locations. You should create a location for the central office that processes the rentals or sales, rather than the individual rental or for sale properties.
  • Businesses that hold temporary events and that rent out other facilities for certain periods of time may not list these facilities as their own location.
  • Businesses that operate in a service area—plumbers, for example—may bulk verify only if their locations are also customer-facing during regular hours. These businesses will not be able to set service areas in the bulk management tool. Service area businesses without customer-facing locations should use the code verification system to verify their locations individually. Learn how to add service areas to your location.

Common Formatting Issues:

  • Postal codes can often be incorrect or incomplete. Sometimes spreadsheet software can cut off leading zeros, so double-check your postal codes to ensure they are accurate.
  • All locations must include telephone numbers that are formatted correctly. The Locations tool requires telephone numbers to be in specific formats. Please see the error message under details to see the correct phone format needed for your locations.
  • Country codes are sometimes invalid. Please visit here for more information about formatting your country codes.

Common Upload Errors:

  • Make sure that your feed has data for all of the required fields in it. The interface will identify required fields for which information is missing.
  • Be sure to include at least ten locations in your feed. If you have fewer than 10 locations you can add and verify them individually using the Google My Business dashboard.
  • Make sure that you've added all of the locations you manage before uploading your spreadsheet.
  • Contact us via this form if you receive the following error: “You’ve exceeded the limit for the amount of locations you can upload to Google My Business in a single day. Try again later.” Make sure to include this error in the “Describe your issue” field. The support team will help load your locations into your account and continue the bulk verification process.
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