Fix import errors

Understand errors

Errors within Google My Business may prevent your business information from being eligible to appear on Google Maps, Search, and ad campaigns. 

There are four reasons you may see an error:

  1. Your data doesn’t follow Google My Business formatting guidelines (e.g. "karascookies" instead of
  2. Required fields are incomplete (e.g. you’re missing a name for a location).
  3. The data you provide is inconsistent or we don’t understand it (e.g. location marker is placed outside of the country you noted in the address).
  4. We made policy changes to improve location quality and this caused new errors to appear on previously submitted data.

View and fix errors

You can view all of the errors across your account by downloading your locations. Once you’ve fixed the errors, import your spreadsheet again. Learn more about errors and how to fix them.

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