Import your bulk upload spreadsheet


Importing a spreadsheet file is an easy way to update and create multiple locations. To import your spreadsheet:

  1. Add location information to your bulk upload spreadsheet.
    • If you are importing for the first time, download the spreadsheet in Google My Business by clicking the Download the template link on the "Import locations from a file" screen.
    • Add all of the locations that you manage before uploading your spreadsheet.
    • If you’re making changes to existing location information, download the latest location information from your account and make any changes directly to the spreadsheet. Use the same store codes and location information as you have in the past so that we don't create duplicate locations.

      If you’re only updating particular fields for existing locations, you may include only the columns for store code and the fields you want to change, and not include other columns. If you accidentally add a new location as well, you’ll be alerted that you’re missing required column headings.

  2. Fix duplicate or missing store codes before you upload a spreadsheet. These unique values help to ensure that every change in your file is accurately applied to the locations in your account. Learn more about store codes
  3. Sign in to Google My Business.
  4. Click the plus sign menu  in the bottom right corner of your screen, then click Import locations from a file  .
  5. Choose the spreadsheet file and click Open.
    • Accepted formats: .xls, .xlsx, .ods, .csv, .txt, or .tsv.
  6. Fix column headers, if needed. You’ll see a screen showing you the headers that are duplicated in your spreadsheet, don’t match any header that Google recognizes, or will be ignored when you upload your spreadsheet.
    • Your file may include column headers that aren’t recognized. For a full list of errors that you may see, and what you can do to fix them, please refer to this chart.
  7. Review proposed changes in the confirm changes page.
    • Click View [x] more to view all changes. On the right side of the page, review the number of changed and/or new locations. If there are more new locations than you expected, make sure that the correct store codes are included for each location in the spreadsheet.
  8. Click Submit to confirm changes.

Import summary

When you import a file, you'll see a preview of the changes that will be made to your account when the import is completed. 

Import preview

The import preview contains the following information:

  • Warnings for possible mistakes in the uploaded spreadsheet. (You may not see any warnings.)
  • The name of the uploaded file
  • A bar chart summarizing your changes or a message that there were no changes
  • A summary of how many locations will be affected by your upload
  • A Download details button, which you can use to download a spreadsheet containing details of the changes

Once you have reviewed and confirmed changes in the preview, you can either Submit the changes or click Cancel to double-check your file if the import preview wasn't what you expected to see.

Download change details

When you choose to Download details, you'll receive a spreadsheet that contains details of the all of the changes that your spreadsheet upload will make to your account. On the change details spreadsheet, you might see the following terms:

  • Status: Shows the type of change to the location
  • Changed fields: Shows the names of the fields that will be changed by the uploaded spreadsheet if the location's status is "CHANGED"
  • [OLD] <field name>: Shows the value of a field before the changes are applied
  • [NEW] <field name>: Shows the value of a field that will be set when the changes are applied
  • [NOT DOWNLOADABLE]: Indicates that you don't currently have permission to download existing data for a location
  • [BLANK]: Indicates a value that was unset in your account and that will be set by the uploaded spreadsheet
  • [DELETED]: Indicates a value that was set in your account and that will be removed by the uploaded spreadsheet

Types of changes to your locations

Change type What it means
New These are new locations that weren't found in previous uploads and will be added to your account.

If these locations aren't actually new, there may be a problem with your store codes. For instance, your spreadsheet software may have cut off leading zeros from your store codes (e.g. "4" instead of "0004"). This can result in unintentionally creating "new" locations, so please double-check your store codes to ensure that they're accurate.
Changed These locations will be updated with the highlighted values if changes are applied. If it’s been a while since your last upload, you may notice many changes appear in this section. You may see large numbers of unintended changes to locations if:
  • The information in your account was formatted to comply to standard Maps formatting guidelines.
  • An improperly deleted cell has shifted the values in your spreadsheet, causing unintended changes to many locations. Please double-check that all values in a row correspond to the same location and store code. We recommend that you first download the location information from your account, then make changes and import the modified file.
Missing These locations are in your account but don’t appear in your file. If you think that you included an update about this location, please make sure that the store code you are using matches the one in your account.

Note: Removing locations from your data file won’t mark locations as closed on Maps. If a location is closed, please mark it as closed. Any locations that aren't included in your upload will remain unchanged unless otherwise indicated.
Ignored These locations are owned by someone else. Any updates you make to these locations won’t be accepted. Learn more about resolving owner conflicts
Unchanged These locations appear exactly the same in both your account and your data file. No changes are needed.
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