Request bulk verification for 10+ locations

Known issue: You can't update hotel attributes through the spreadsheet upload. To update hotel attributes, use the API and dashboard. Learn more about My Business Lodging API.

Why get bulk verified?

Bulk verification establishes your ability to manage information for 10 or more locations of the same business across Google products, like Maps and Search.

Ineligible for bulk verification

  • Businesses with fewer than 10 locations: You can request verification for individual locations by following these steps
  • Service area business: Request verification for individual locations by following these steps
  • Agencies managing multiple businesses: Manage businesses in your Organization account. If an agency is managing a chain business (10+ locations of the same business), the chain should apply for bulk verification. Then, the agency should request shared access to the chain's location group, which includes the locations that the chain has bulk verified.

Note: Listings in duplicate, suspended, or disabled state won't count towards the 10 listing minimum.

Once you’re bulk verified:

  • Updates you make to the business locations - such as contact details, photos, business hours - are eligible to appear on Google Maps and other Google services.
  • New locations you add to your dashboard that aren't owned by another user will be eligible to show up on Google.

Google uses data from many sources to compose local business information that appears on Google Maps, Google Search, and other Google properties. The information you provide as a verified account plays a critical role in ensuring business information on Google is accurate and up to date.

Learn more about how Google uses business information and how to optimize your locations.

Note: Your account doesn't need to be verified to run Google Ads location extensions.

Request bulk verification

Bulk verification takes place at the account level. Two types of Google My Business accounts can be bulk verified:

  • Your individual user account: Once your account is verified, all eligible locations in your account not already claimed by another user are verified.
  • Location group (previously known as a business account): Once the primary owner on the account is verified, all eligible locations in the location group/business account not already claimed by another user are verified. Learn more about location groups/business accounts 

If you add a location to your account that’s already been verified by another user, you'll need to request access to manage it.

Before you request verification, check to make sure that:

  • Your spreadsheet includes 10 or more locations from same business. As outlined in our quality guidelines, only business owners or authorized representatives may verify their business on Google.
    • Agencies managing multiple businesses with one account are not eligible for bulk verification. 
  • Your spreadsheet includes all of the locations that you manage. Not including all of your locations can cause significant delays in updating your business information. 
  • Your business type is eligible for verification. Learn more about eligible business models.
  • Your business isn't a service-area business. These businesses should instead request verification for individual locations by following these steps
  • A verified account doesn't already exist. Coordinate with other employees and authorized agents to make sure the person managing your account is the best representative to provide your company's location information. Your organizations should create a location group/business account to share management of a set of locations.
  • Your account is free of errors. Errors and quality guideline violations can delay the bulk verification process. Learn more about common issues that delay the verification process and specific error messages.

Uploading a spreadsheet does not automatically send a request for verification. Instead, follow the steps below to request verification.

To submit your locations for bulk verification:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business.
  2. Click Get verified next to one of your locations.
  3. Click Chain
  4. Fill out the verification form completely and accurately.
    • Business Name: If this the business owned and operated by a parent company, please include that information here as well as the name of the business you are verifying.
    • Business Countries / Regions: List the countries / regions for the business that you’ll manage in your account. For example, if you manage your business locations in the US and Canada but another user is managing locations in France and Germany, we understand that these two accounts are separate and distinct sets of locations.
    • Contact Name: If multiple people will be actively managing this account, please provide all names here. For example, John Smith (marketing) & Jane Smith (operations).
    • Contact Phone: This is the phone number we may use to contact you to clarify any information needed to verify your account.
    • Business manager email: The email address of someone at the business who can verify that you’re an authorized representative. 
    • Google Account Manager Email: List the name or email address of any Google contact you have been working with. It is important for consistency and continuity across Google products to keep your Account Manager aware of your account standing as this may have an impact on other Google products, including Offers and Google Ads.
  5. After you submit the verification request form, we review your request to ensure your account complies with the quality guidelines and verify your authority to represent the business. We will contact you by email if we find any questions or problems, and will let you know once your account is bulk verified.

Stay verified

In an effort to keep Google Maps data sources up to date, we periodically de-verify inactive accounts that we believe are no longer actively managing their locations. It’s important to regularly review your account for errors and update your locations to stay bulk verified and up to date. If your bulk verification status is ever changed, you will be notified by email.

We may continue to reach out to you with requests to fix and/or optimize your account(s). We continuously update our policies and product to most accurately represent your locations on Google.

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