Can't transfer data to a new Pixel phone

If something goes wrong with copying data from your current phone to your Pixel phone during setup, try the following troubleshooting steps.

You can automatically transfer data from most phones using Android 5.0 and up or iOS 8.0 and up, and manually transfer data from most other systems. Learn how to check your Android or iOS version.

You can also restore data on a phone that's not new or reset. Learn how to back up and restore data.

Important: If your data storage is full based on your device's capacity, data transfer could pause. Be sure to check your storage capacity before you start data transfer.

Setup stops or doesn't start

Lose power or get disconnected

If you lose Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity or power, or your cable comes out, perform a factory reset and then start again immediately.

Nothing happens or "Try another cable" message

Check the cable

  • Unplug and then replug the cable on both ends.
  • Try a different cable. Not all power cables can transfer data.

Try the Quick Switch Adapter

  • If you're using the Quick Switch Adapter, check that it's inserted in your Pixel phone.
  • If you're not using the Quick Switch Adapter, try it. The adapter can show your phones which direction to move your data. If needed, use a USB-C to USB-A cable with the adapter.

Check some basics

  • Check that both phones are unlocked, charged, and turned on.
  • With Pixel (2016) phones, if Battery Saver is on, turn Battery Saver off.

If no cable works, learn how to transfer without a cable.

"Phone may not be supported" message
  1. Install any available updates for your current phone.
  2. Restart your current phone. On most phones, press and hold the power button until the phone fully restarts.
  3. Try the Quick Switch Adapter again. If the Quick Switch Adapter still doesn't work with your current phone, learn how to transfer without the adapter from Android or iPhone.
Setup transfer stuck (Android only)
  1. If setup gets stuck for more than 15 minutes, tap Stop copying.
  2. When you see "Your phone's almost ready," see which data copied. You could be unable to copy certain data from your current Android phone. Learn which data doesn’t copy from Android.
Can’t transfer over Wi-Fi
Only certain devices can transfer data over Wi-Fi. If the phone sending data is an iPhone with iOS 7 or earlier or runs Android 4 or earlier, the transfer won’t work.
Can't set up a work profile

If you encounter issues setting up a work profile during phone setup, try one of these troubleshooting steps.

Skip work profile setup

  1. During setup, when you get the prompt that reads, “Add your work account on the next screen,” tap Skip.
  2. Complete setup normally.
  3. Once setup is complete, tap Settings and then Passwords and Accounts and then Add Account and then Google.

Tip: To learn more on how to set up a work profile, visit Set up Google Workspace on an Android device.

Clear iPhone settings

If your iPhone’s work account includes device management, it might not update some settings correctly during data transfer. If you encounter issues, perform these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Remove your device management profile.
    1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app.
    2. Tap General and then Device Management.
    3. Select your profile.
    4. Tap Remove Management.
    5. Enter your passcode.
  2. Clear your iPhone settings.
    1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app.
    2. Tap General and then Transfer or Reset iPhone and then Reset and then Reset All Settings.
  3. Repeat phone setup.

Tip: Your apps or data do not get erased when you reset your iPhone settings.

Perform a factory reset on your Pixel phone

Important: A factory reset erases all your data from your phone.

If you’ve already finished phone setup and the above steps aren't successful or can't be completed, you may first need to do a factory reset.

  1. Perform a factory reset on your Pixel phone. Learn how to factory reset your Pixel phone.
  2. Repeat phone setup.

Setup finished but data didn't copy

Skipped data transfer when first turned on

Return to setup
  • Within a few minutes
    You'll get a "Pixel setup isn't done" notification. Tap Finish setup.
  • For a few days
    Open your Settings app. At the top, tap Finish setup.
  • After you've had your phone a while
    You can always reset your phone. But resetting erases all your data on your phone. Learn how to reset to factory settings.

Why some data doesn't transfer from an iPhone

iPhone supervised by an organization

Supervised iPhone

If a business, school, or other organization supervises your iPhone, your data can't copy. To check whether your iPhone is supervised:
  1. Open Settings And then General And then About.
  2. Under the name of your device, look for: "This iPhone is Supervised."

Managed iPhone

If a business, school, or other organization manages your iPhone, your copying could be limited. To check whether your iPhone is managed:

  1. Open Settings And then General And then Profiles & Device Management.
  2. Under the device name, look for policy profiles from your organization.

To increase what you can transfer, you can remove these profiles. This can affect your access to your organization's information.

iMessage turned on
If you're switching from an iPhone to a Pixel phone, turn off iMessage. Learn how to turn off iMessage.
iPhone has HEIF photos (iOS 11 & up)
To automatically see your original HEIF photos on your Pixel, save your HEIF photos to Google Photos from your iPhone. Learn how to back up Google Photos.
Tip: If your iPhone doesn't have Google Photos, HEIF photos turn into JPG photos on Pixel during setup.

What won't copy during setup

From Android
  • Downloads, like PDF files
  • Photos, videos, and music stored in hidden or locked folders
  • Apps that aren’t from the Google Play Store
  • Data from apps that don't use Android backup
  • Accounts other than Google Accounts and their data
  • Contacts and calendars synced to services other than Google
  • Ringtones
  • Certain phone settings (varies by phone and Android version)

Learn how to transfer some of this data after setup.

From iPhone
  • In-app purchases
  • Phone settings, like Wi-Fi passwords
  • Music with Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection
  • Bookmarks from Safari®
  • Paid apps and apps not available on Google Play
  • Some app data, like data from apps that isn’t stored in the cloud

Learn how to transfer some of this data after setup.

From BlackBerry or Windows Phone
From a BlackBerry or Windows Phone, only data in Google Accounts automatically shows on a Pixel phone. Learn how to manually copy some data from a BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

Other problems copying data

From Android

In Setup - Don't have a cable
  1. On your Pixel phone:
    • Tap Start.
    • Connect to a Wi-Fi network or your mobile carrier.
  2. When asked to “Copy Apps & Data,” tap Next.
  3. When asked to “Use your old device,” tap Can’t use old phone.
  4. Follow the on-screen steps to log in to your Google Account and access your backup.
Tip: To transfer from a phone running Android 5 or later to a Pixel 6 or later, including Fold, you can copy data with Wi-Fi.
Can't use old phone
  1. Check that you have a backup of your current Android phone. Learn how to manage backups.
  2. On your Pixel phone, tap Start. If you don't see "Start," learn how to return to setup.
  3. Tap Next And then Can't use old phone.
  4. Under "Copy another way," tap OK And then A backup from the cloud.
  5. Connect to a Wi-Fi or mobile carrier.
  6. Sign in to the Google Account that has the backup of your data.
  7. Follow the on-screen steps.
Want to transfer without returning to setup or transfer selected data only

Copy contacts

If you already use contacts in your Google Account, like in Gmail, they'll automatically show on your Pixel phone after you sign in. To see your contacts, open your Pixel phone's Contacts app .

If your contacts are on a SIM card, learn how to import contacts from a SIM card.

Copy photos, videos, files & folders

  • Connected to the internet
    Upload content from your current phone or computer to your Google Account. Content in your Google Account shows on your Pixel phone. Learn how to upload to Google Drive and back up to Google Photos.
  • Can't connect to the internet
    Transfer content to your Pixel phone with a USB cable.

From iPhone

Don't have a cable: Use Switch to Android app

If you want to transfer without returning to setup:

To copy your calendar, contacts, photos, and videos to your new Pixel phone, learn how to back up iPhone and iCloud data to Google Drive

Want to transfer selected data only

Copy contacts

In your Google Account

  • If you already use contacts in your Google Account, like in Gmail, you'll see them in your communication apps on your Pixel phone.

From your iCloud account

  1. Make sure all your contacts are in iCloud.
  2. Export your contacts from as a vCard file.
  3. Import your contacts to Gmail. Learn how to add, move, or import contacts.
  4. After you copy your contacts, you'll see them in your communication apps on your Pixel phone.

From a SIM card

Copy photos & videos

Learn how to request a transfer of iCloud photos and videos to Google Photos.

To back up your photos and videos from your iPhone to Google Photos, learn how to back up to Google Photos. Google Photos will show on your Pixel phone.

Tip: To see your photos and videos, open your Pixel phone's Photos app Photos.

Still can't copy data

If you still can't copy your data to your Pixel phone, learn how to contact us.

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