Get started with the local feeds partnership program as a retailer

This article explains how to get started as a retailer with the local feeds partnership program.

The local feeds partnership program helps retailers use the local inventory ads feature through point of sale (POS) or inventory data providers. These providers help manage your data and online shopping presence on your behalf.

Retailer eligibility requirements

To participate in the local feeds partnership program, make sure you meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Store: You need at least one physical store with at least 50 identifiable products. Learn more about unique product identifiers
  • Local inventory ads: You can't already be using local inventory ads.
  • POS/inventory data providers: Authorize your POS/inventory data provider to provide your store sales and inventory data to Google.
  • Inventory checks: Allow Google to perform in-store inventory verifications in a subset of your stores.

How to set up your accounts

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account. If you don't have a Merchant Center account, create one.
  2. Click Growth then select Manage programs.
  3. Select Get Started under "Local inventory ads".
  4. Click Enable.
  5. Click the tools icon .
  6. Click Linked accounts.
  7. Click Google My Business.
  8. Click the plus button to link a Google My Business account.

How to select and share your POS/inventory data provider

  1. Log into your Merchant Center account.
  2. Click on the tools icon
  3. Click Local inventory ads setup.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your business information and branding.
  5. Click the plus button to add the country where the ads and free listings that show your local products will display.
  6. Select “Local Feeds Partnership integration” and select your POS/inventory data provider from the drop-down list.
  7. Click Save.

If you don't see your POS/inventory data provider and are interested in joining local inventory ads via the local feeds partnership program, submit your interest here.

We'll send an email to your POS/inventory data provider that includes your business name, Merchant Center ID, and POS data provider account ID.

Note: If your POS/inventory data provider doesn't send data to Google within 14 days, we conclude that the POS/inventory data provider has rejected your request.

How to launch a Google Ads campaign

  1. Link your Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts.
    • If you don't have a Google Ads account:
      1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
      2. Click the tools icon
      3. Click Linked accounts.
      4. Click Google Ads.
      5. Click the plus button to create a Google Ads account.
  2. Create a local inventory ad shopping campaign.
  3. Set a budget and create a bidding strategy. If you're not using an internal or third-party bidding tool that takes store visits into account, we recommend using the Maximize clicks automated bidding strategy. If you're an advanced user, you can manually assign bids using manual cost-per-click (CPC) bidding.
Google may conduct an inventory verification to ensure quality in-store data.
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