Manage your product data

When you keep details about your products up-to-date in Manufacturer Center, you can help Google serve the right product information to the right customers.

This article explains how to enter, edit, review, and manage different types of product data in your Manufacturer Center account.

Enter your product information

After you've added brand information to your account, you can add product data in two ways:

  • Bulk upload: If you have a substantial product catalog, use bulk upload
  • Manual upload: If you have a limited number of products (10 or less), enter them individually

Once you submit your data to Manufacturer Center, Google reviews it. All new information that you submit goes through Google’s verification process.

Enter individual product data manually

To enter or edit product data individually:

  1. Click Products on the left navigation panel. Click Variants, then click the plus button.
  2. Enter the information for the product you'd like to add.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Add rich data for the product. The "image" field is required.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Enter variant data.
    A product can have multiple variations. These variations, or “product variants,” may differ in color, size, or other attributes. Once you enter multiple variations, you will be asked to enter an item group ID for this product group. “Item group ID” is required to view analytics. Use the same product ID for products that are related to each other to create a “product group”. For example, a jacket with different sizes and colors.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Review or enter title, IDGTIN, and MPN. Title, ID, and GTIN are required.
  9. Select the products to add by checking their boxes in the left column and click Add.

Duplicate product variants

​You can duplicate any products variants that you manually entered. This action may be helpful to use when you have products with small variations and unique GTINs and MPNs (For example, black, white, and silver mobile phone cases).

To duplicate a product, open the item in the Products table, click Duplicate product, and enter a new ID, GTIN, and relevant product variant information. To duplicate a product variant:

  1. From the Products tab, select Variants.
  2. Select the variant you’d like to duplicate by clicking the title.
  3. Select Variant data, and click Duplicate product.
  4. Enter a new ID, GTIN, and relevant product variant information.

Enter product data in bulk

If you have more than 10 products, use bulk upload to input all product data via a spreadsheet file.

  1. Prepare your data file in either Text (or TSV) files or XML format. Learn more about file format guidelines.
  2. Register your data feed, and choose the method for data upload:

Note: You cannot duplicate products entered via a data feed.

Edit your products

Edit product data manually

You can edit individual product data for any product in your account with the Product editor:

  1. From the Products tab, select Variants.
  2. Select the products you want to edit by checking the boxes in the left column, and then click the edit icon
  3. Select the attribute you want to edit. Editable fields are marked with a gray icon. Except for ID, country, and content language, all fields are editable and marked with a gray icon. Note: If you'd like to change non-editable fields, you must delete the product and create a new one.
  4. Once your edits are complete, click Save changes, or click Cancel to discard your changes and revert to the original information.

If you select multiple products, new values will overwrite the previous values for all the products being edited. Attributes which have not been selected will remain unmodified. If all selected products share the same value for a given attribute, that value will be considered the default value. If the products have different values for the attribute, the default value will be blank.

Google verifies all changes before they are published. Some attributes may not be surfaced directly to customers via Shopping ads or other Google platforms. However, all of the attributes you submit are used to help increase ad relevance for product-related searches.

Important: Any information entered manually will override data you submitted via feed uploads. Even if you submit a feed with different information after the manual edits are made, manually entered information will persist unless you remove the manual edits. Removing the manual edits will bring back values previously uploaded via a feed.

Product attributes uploaded through a feed and product attributes entered manually have two different icons in the Product Editor. These icons indicate which attributes will persist if different data is uploaded via a feed.

  • Undo Indicates an attribute that was edited manually, and will persist when conflicting data from a new feed is uploaded.
  • Pencil icon / edit icon Indicates an attribute that was uploaded via feed, and will be overwritten by newer feeds.
Edit product data in bulk

You can edit multiple products in your Manufacturer Center account by uploading a revised data feed for those products.

Note: You must identify each product by its ID. Check a product's ID against the product table in the ID column of your feed.
Delete a product manually

To delete a product from your account, follow these steps:

  1. From the Products tab, select Variants from the page menu.
  2. Select the products you'd like to delete and check their boxes in the far left column.
  3. Click the trash trash can icon.
  4. Click Confirm.

Note: You may re-add a product if it was deleted by accident, and Google will re-verify the product information before the data is exported for use in Shopping ads.

Review your products

From the Products tab, select Variants in the left navigation, then select Variant data to view a table of the products that have been uploaded to your Manufacturer account, both individually and in bulk. In addition to fields that display product data you have entered (ID [id], title [title], brand [brand], GTIN [gtin], and MPN [mpn]), you'll also see a column for Status.

Google approves product attributes after a sample of the data is reviewed to verify that it meets our data quality standards. We review the quality of all submitted product data through the assessment of a random sample of each attribute included in your feed. The outcome of the sample data review will affect all product attributes submitted at that time.

The Product verification status has three possible values: Active, Pending, and Disapproved:

  • Active: Your products that are eligible for the specific destination have been processed successfully.
  • Pending: Your products are in queue for processing for a specific destination.
  • Disapproved: A disapproved product is not eligible for a specific destination. You can review the Diagnostics page for a summary of the issues affecting your products. Review the product details page to see which attributes have been disapproved. To fix issues, use the product detail editor or upload a new feed.
Review your product data diagnostics

The Diagnostics section of your account offers issue and attribute reporting for your product data. With the reporting offered in the Diagnostics page, you can gain better insight into the health of your product data so it’s easier to identify and resolve issues.

  • To see a full list of disapproved items for a particular attribute, you can click View list.
  • Or, click Show examples next to the issue to show up to three example items you submitted that are the cause of those specific errors.

Learn more about the Diagnostics section

Track your product analytics

You can review your product analytics directly in your account. Google can only provide analytics for eligible products that you have created or uploaded in your account. In order to protect your privacy and anonymity, analytics are available only for products that have at least five unique sellers. Learn more about how to track your product analytics

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