Data quality enforcement

Quality standards

In order to provide a high-quality experience to our customers, the product data you provide to Google needs to accurately describe your items. If your product data doesn’t meet our quality standards, your data will not be exported to Shopping ads. Sometimes, the existing product data that Google has is of higher quality than the submitted data, in which case your uploaded data won’t be used. To help improve your products’ data quality, please input as much descriptive content as possible

Quality enforcement

Our data quality enforcement applies to inaccurate or incomplete product data. In order to determine whether or not an item is eligible to appear in Shopping ads, we also maintain strong enforcement of the Shopping ads Policies.

Products submitted within the same time frame of a day or two will be assessed for quality based on a sample. Each sampled attribute is evaluated independently through a manual assessment of whether it meets our standards outlined in the product data specification. All data submitted in the submission time frame will be approved or rejected across the board on an attribute-by-attribute basis, depending on the quality of the sampled data. Failure to meet minimum data quality levels within the sampled selection will result in complete rejection of all data associated with specific attributes.

You can see which products and product attributes have been processed by reviewing your Products table.

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Create and edit your product data, and retrieve the feedback for data you've submitted to Google through the Manufacturer Center API. To get started, visit our developer documentation.

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