Best practices for free booking links

When travelers are looking for a place to stay, they expect to find relevant, up-to-date, and accurate information to plan their trip. Follow these best practices for showing free booking links on Google to ensure that users will see the best options you have available.

Review your hotel list and matched properties

Get found on Google by making sure your properties are included in our list of available hotels and that the information like name, address, and phone number are updated.

Provide accurate prices

Send us accurate prices and review them often to ensure that what you're displaying as the price in search results matches the price users will see on your booking site.

Provide a user friendly landing page experience

Help users navigate the booking process by making it clear and simple to locate the price they selected and check out.

  • Send users directly to the landing page where they can find the room and rate they selected.
  • Prominently display the selected room and rate on the landing page.
  • Ensure your page loads in a reasonable time and is fully functional.

Learn more about our referral experience policy

Minimum bid price

If you were an existing Hotel Center partner when free booking links launched in March 2021, you were automatically eligible to show free booking links. Any property with a bid in a hotel campaign and participating feeds is eligible. There’s no cost for clicks on free booking links. The presence of a bid (as low as $.01) is used as a signal to serve free booking links. Bids also have no impact on the ranking of free booking links. Your hotel ads will continue using the set bid price.

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