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Free booking links appear on the hotel booking module alongside hotel ads when travelers look for rooms at a given hotel. Travelers will have more options for booking a hotel at the best rate available, while travel companies have a new, free way to drive more bookings.

Free booking links include the name of the booking partner who is selling the room, along with the room rate for the itinerary selected. Booking partners pay no fee for free booking links, and Google doesn’t collect any payment for placement or user engagement with these links.

How to get started

Existing partners

If you’re an existing booking partner with a Hotel Center account, and you’re participating in Hotel Ads, then your listings are already eligible to show as free booking links. You can view your free booking links performance in Hotel Center on the "Reports" page. We encourage you to continue to provide all prices and availability for your rooms to take advantage of the additional placements at no additional cost. Learn more about our best practices for free booking links

New hotels and booking partners

Hotels and hotel booking partners who don’t have a Hotel Center account, but are interested in driving more bookings with free booking links, should visit our starter guide.

Become a Google Hotel Partner

Free booking links vs. hotel ads

Free booking links may resemble hotel ads, but they’re not ads, and are ranked using a variety of signals to determine which links are best to show users. No one can buy better placement for free booking links, while advertisers can bid to be ranked higher in the hotel ads section. We clearly mark ads with the "Ads" badge in the hotel booking module.

Start with free booking links to drive more bookings at no charge, and you can choose to participate in Google Ads at any time and gain more control over where your listings show. Learn more about hotel campaigns in Google Ads

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