Hotel Owners: How to get started on Google

Manage your hotel’s information, rates, and ads

Note: This guide is for hotel owners or a representative of the owner looking to manage a hotel’s online presence with Google. This guide provides details on how to (1) set up and manage a Google My Business account, (2) get your hotels’ rates and availability connected to show your direct booking link on Google, and (3) get started with ads.

If your business does not fit this description, don’t worry. There are alternative ways to get started on Google.

How to be a hotel supplier on Google

Millions of people around the world search for hotels and other lodging on Google every day. It’s important to provide Google with accurate information rates, and availability for your hotel, so that Google can help your potential customers find and book your hotel. To make the process easy, we've outlined 3 simple steps for you:

Three steps to create an hotel account with Google

1. Identify your hotel

2. Share your rates

3. Run ads and free booking links (if you wish)

Note: “Hotel” is used here generically to mean lodging with permanent on-site staff. To learn more about how we categorize lodging, see our categories for lodging businesses.

Identify Your Hotel

Identify your hotel

Google needs to have accurate information about your hotel to help travelers locate, communicate, and engage with your listing. Google also needs to verify that the correct owner or manager is authorized to maintain the hotel’s online presence.

Hotel information and management details are confirmed through Google My Business, a free business tool that makes it clear who owns the business and can speak for it. A Google My Business account also allows you (or someone you designate) to curate your appearance on Google, receive key notifications from us, and respond to user reviews and photos. Learn how to get started with Google My Business by clicking on the below guide.

Hotel's starter guide for Google My Business

Share your rates

Share hotel rates

Once your hotel’s Google My Business profile is complete, it will appear on Google Maps and Search without prices. While Google My Business helps travelers discover your hotel, nightly rates and booking links can help travelers book your hotel. Travelers will be more attracted to your hotel if they see your hotel’s direct rates and availability.

Note: By sharing rates, free booking links will automatically start showing in your listings .

There are two ways to get prices and direct booking links to show next to your hotel information on Google:

  1. Send your hotel's rates and availability information through a current technology partner you work with.
  2. Send us your hotel's rates and availability information manually through Google My Business.

To get started, first fill out our interest form below.

Free booking links and Hotel Ads interest form for Hotel Owners

1. Prices with a connectivity partner

A connectivity partner helps you send prices to Google. It can be a central reservation system (CRS), internet booking engine (IBE), channel manager (CM), or even a property management system (PMS). Here is a full list of partners already integrated with Google.

  • If you work with a connectivity partner that is integrated with Google, fill out the interest form and reach out to the partner directly or by using the “Contact” button on our partner website. Ask them to start sending your rates and availability to Google.
  • If you are working with a partner that is not already partnering with Google, fill out the interest form and indicate who your connectivity partner is so we can reach out to them to get integrated with Google. We continue to add new partners each year.

2. Prices on your own

If you have no connectivity provider or prefer not to use one, you may have the option to manually share your rates with Google through your Google My Business (GMB) profile. This option is currently in pilot. Fill out the interest form to express your interest to manage rates on GMB.

Report data errors from other providers

When displaying your hotel to travelers, Google may offer prices from many partners, including online travel agencies.

We have systems designed to keep prices accurate, but as with any complex system, errors can happen. Price or other details for a hotel may be wrong, or a link can point to the wrong website.

If you find a problem like this, the best step is to report it directly to your connectivity provider and ask them to fix the error. If that fails, or if you don’t do business with the provider, contact Google My Business support.

[Optional] Run hotel ads

Run hotel ads

Once you share the rates with us, free booking links will automatically start showing in your listings. You can also choose to participate in Hotel Ads, an option in Google Ads designed especially for the needs of hoteliers. Paid links expand your reach and drive even more traffic and bookings to your site.

How you choose to advertise will depend on your business size, budget, and your market. These ads are designed to let you choose the travelers you want to reach, create your own ads, and get your message directly to travelers to get more bookings. In ads, travelers will see your hotel name, price, and text callouts to highlight the unique benefits of booking through your site. Learn more about how travelers find hotel ads. Hotel ads appear globally and can be displayed in every major language and currency, with a few restrictions.

How to get started with Hotel Ads

How you get started with Hotel Ads depends on how your hotels rates and availability are connected with Google.

  • If your hotel rates are connected directly (for example, through an API connection), then you can set up your hotel campaigns and configure your audiences directly in Google Ads. Learn more about hotel campaigns in Google Ads
  • If your hotel rates are connected through a connectivity provider (a central reservation system, internet booking engine, channel manager, or property management system), please reach out to your connectivity partner directly to get started on Hotel Ads.

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