Fix common Google Ads Editor errors

When using Editor, you may encounter error messages. This article shows you what the most common error messages mean, how to fix them, and provides links to helpful resources.

Check the community forum to see if what you’re experiencing is a known issue.


What it means

How to fix


“Fatal Error”

"Editor has received an unexpected response from our server which it can't properly process. This often happens when you attempt to post something which has been deprecated or is no longer supported. Please follow the link below"

Editor has received an unexpected response from the API. This often happens when you attempt to use a feature that has been deprecated in Google Ads.

For example, this error could be caused by trying to upload message extensions, which are no longer supported.

Remove the deprecated feature, such as message extensions and try to upload again.

About extensions

About posting changes with Editor

“Invalid Flexible Reach”

The targeting options you uploaded aren’t allowed. Since March 30, the API is blocking flexible reach of “Targeting” for demographic dimensions. Only “Observation” is allowed. Typically this error is caused by issues with demographic or audience targeting.

Remove demographic attributes such as age group or gender.

Change your audience or demographic targeting settings within your ad group or campaign to “Observation.”

About Targeting and Observation

About Editor and remarketing

“Limit Exceeded”

This error is caused by attempting to exceed some type of entity limit in Google Ads. For example, creating more campaigns than are allowed in an account or trying to put too many ads into an ad group.

Delete some old or unused entities if you are hitting an account limit.

Re-organize your account if you’re hitting a lower level limit, such as the number of ads in a single ad group.

About account limits

About account organization


“Google Ads Editor received an unexpected message from Google. Please contact Google Ads support and include in your report the exact error indicated below”

"Our server has received data from Editor which it is unable to process. Please follow the link below."

The API is unable to process data received from Editor. This error is usually caused by a mistake in how you formatted the information entered in Editor.

For example, there may be a formatting issue with your CSV import, or you may be using an outdated version of Editor. Alternatively, sometimes this error is caused by a temporary local issue on your end which may self-resolve if you try again later.

Review the formatting of the data in your CSV file and upload again.

Update your version of Editor to the newest one available.

Uninstall and reinstall Editor.

About CSV columns

Download the newest version of Editor

Community forum

“Internal Google error. Your request cannot be completed at this time. Please try again later.”

"Internal Google error. Your request cannot be completed at this time. Please follow the link below for troubleshooting advice. You may also find more information in the Ads community forum."

This error can be caused by a technical issue in the API.

Check the community forum to see if others are experiencing similar issues.

Contact the Google Ads support and report the issue.

Community forum

Contact Google Ads support

“Invalid Image”

An image you attempted to upload doesn’t meet the criteria for file size, dimensions, and animation length.

Confirm the following specifications:

  • Image file size is within the acceptable range.
  • Animation does not exceed 30 seconds.
  • Dimensions are allowed.

Uploaded display ad specifications

Image ad requirements

Image sizes for image ads

“Invalid Headline”

The headline has a disallowed character, has exceeded the length limit, has too many customizers, or has been formatted incorrectly.

Review your headlines against the editorial guidelines. For example, apostrophes are not allowed, 30 characters are the limit, and only one customizer may be used.

About text ads

Editorial guidelines

Other “Invalid <ITEM>” type errors, for example:

“Invalid campaign type”

“Invalid Value”

“Invalid detailed demographic”

“Invalid. Edit to post”

You’re applying a setting that’s unavailable for a certain entity. For example, you may have selected the incorrect audience for an ad type or improperly formatted the information entered into a field, such as a URL.

“Edit to post” indicates a problem with uploading.

You can search for the given error type to filter by those entities that have it. Any item that has that error in the edit panel will have a “show violations” link in the error panel that will filter to only entities with that error. Also, you can search through via the advanced search bar.

Review the changes you’ve attempted to make and see which entities Editor has flagged with a red warning.

Retry posting and if you are making a large number of changes, try splitting into two separate posts/uploads.

About URL formatting

About audience targeting

“There is a problem with the location. Review and edit your location.”

This error occurs when obsolete or disallowed geographic targets are selected.

Not all 5 digit numbers can be targeted as zip codes. Review your location targeting. Read the resources provided.

Target geos for delivery

Targeting ads on geos

About location targeting

About targeting geo locations

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