Post changes to Google Ads

Before you upload changes to your Google Ads account, be sure to check your changes.

If you have a problem posting changes, learn how to fix common Google Ads Editor errors.

Posting changes

  1. Click Post in the toolbar.
  2. Select whether you’d like to post changes in All campaigns or Selected campaigns.
  3. Review the summary of changes, then click Post to continue.
  4. Google Ads Editor displays a detailed summary, by campaign, of the progress of your post. (You can keep a record of the post by copying this report into a separate document.)
  5. If you need to pause while your changes are posting, click Pause in the posting dialog. Click Resume post when you're ready to begin.
  6. Click Close when the post is complete.

Post multiple accounts

You can post more than one account at the same time.

  1. On the accounts manager, select the accounts with edits that you'd like to upload.
  2. Click Post.

Work on other accounts while posting changes

If you manage multiple accounts in Google Ads Editor, you can work on another account while you post your changes.

After changes are posted

After you post your changes, Google Ads Editor displays a report of the success of the post, including any errors. Any campaigns and ad groups containing changes that didn't post successfully remain in bold type.

Successfully posted changes are reflected in your account immediately. However, as with any changes to your account, there might be a slight delay before the changes are reflected on the Google Network.

Note: When editing ads within Google Ads Editor, any field that exists in the Ads UI, but isn't supported in Google Ads Editor will result in the text in the field being stripped upon posting edits from Google Ads Editor. If you're editing an ad type with unsupported fields it's recommended that you make these changes in the Ads UI directly.

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