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Remarketing lists let you show ads to people who interacted with your business and thus target customers who may be highly interested in your products and services. These customers may have visited your website, downloaded your app, or seen your YouTube videos. In Google Ads, you can create remarketing lists based on lots of different data sources and behaviors of potential customers.

Learn more about the different ways to remarket with Google Ads.

How many people you can reach with a remarketing list is highly dependent on where you would like to show your ads. This article explains why that may happen, and which remarketing lists are compatible.

Before you begin

If you aren't familiar with remarketing, you should read How remarketing works first. You'll learn how to set up a remarketing campaign and get a feel for how lists are created.

In some cases, your list may be ineligible or incompatible with your campaign. There are two reasons why a remarketing list may not work in your campaign:

  1. Your list does not have enough visitors or users on the selected network in your campaign settings. Learn more about list sizes.
  2. Your list type is incompatible with the selected network in your campaign settings. Below you can learn more about list type compatibility.

List type compatibility

Remarketing lists are grouped by the source of their data into remarketing list types. The most common type of list is "Website visitors", which uses a tag on your website to add people to the list. Below you can find out which list type is compatible to which types of ads. Keep in mind that you still have to meet the size requirements.

List type

List compatibility

  Search YouTube Display Display (Gmail only)
Website visitors
YouTube users
App users
Customer list

Compatibility of Similar Audience remarketing lists depends on the seed list.

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