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A helpful guide to connecting with your most valuable customers at scale, without relying on third-party cookies.

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Being privacy-ready gives your business a competitive advantage. That’s why it’s more important than ever to update your marketing strategy to meet your customers’ privacy expectations. Once you’ve set up a measurement foundation to build first-party data, our durable audience solutions powered by Google AI can help you activate your insights to reach your most valuable customers in a privacy-safe way.

1. Multiply customer connections at scale using online and offline data in a cookie-less world

  • Use Customer Match to reach new customers and deepen relationships with existing ones.

Why: Customer Match uses the consented first-party data that customers have shared with you to show them relevant ads. The encrypted data files that you upload will only be used to securely match your audiences to Google accounts and to ensure that your Customer Match campaigns comply with our policies. We'll keep your data confidential and secure using the same industry-leading standards we use to protect our own users’ data.


Customer Match is available for Search, Shopping, Gmail, YouTube and Discovery campaigns in both Google Ads and Display & Video 360.

Learn more about how Customer Match works.

2. Connect to your customers with help from Google AI

  • Optimised targeting can help you engage with relevant audiences at your specified return on investment.

Why: Optimised targeting looks beyond manually-selected audience segments in your campaign to find audience segments that you might have missed and improve your campaign’s performance.

Case study

Advertisers who use optimised targeting on Google display ads see, on average, a 50% increase in conversions at a comparable ROI.1 

Learn more about how to use optimised targeting.


Optimised targeting is available for display campaigns in Google Ads and Display & Video 360, Discovery campaigns and video campaigns that use the 'Sales', 'Leads' or 'Website traffic' goals (for example, video action campaigns).
  • Achieve your reach goals more effectively with audience expansion.

Why: When running video campaigns with 'Product and brand consideration' or 'Brand awareness and reach' goals, you can use Audience expansion to reach more people who look like your selected audience while maintaining your CPM and CPV bids.


Audience expansion is available for video campaigns that use the 'Product and brand consideration' or 'Brand awareness and reach' goal.

3. Understand your customers – and how to engage with them

  • Use audience insights to determine the most relevant audience segments for your business.

Why: Audience insights gives you a comprehensive understanding of the unique characteristics of user groups that drive strong performance, so you can make more informed decisions and refine your audience strategy for better results. 

Learn more about how to use audience insights.


Audience insights are currently available for the following campaign types:

  • Asset audience insights: Search, Performance Max, Discovery, Video
  • Persona audience insights: Search, Shopping, Performance Max, Discovery, video campaigns, Display



1. Google Data, Global, Sept. 8–15, 2022

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