About audience expansion

Audience expansion allows you to reach your audience in a simple, goal-based way. With audience expansion, it’s easier to reach more people that matter to your business and achieve your marketing goals with Google Ads.

By enabling audience expansion, we can open up additional inventory by expanding to additional, relevant audiences. Audience expansion is available for Video and Discovery campaigns.


Audience expansion can:

  • Simplify audience targeting and optimization
  • Work across various networks and audience types
  • Give you the opportunity to expand your reach or get more conversions (depending on your objective)

How it works

Audience expansion is enabled by a checkbox in Google Ads. As you select audiences in Google Ads, you’ll see the "Audience expansion" checkbox.

UI screen depicting audience expansion for new Ads campaigns

By default, audience expansion is enabled automatically for Video campaigns that are optimized for conversions (for example, Video action campaigns) and Discovery campaigns. For Video campaigns that are optimized for reach, audience expansion needs to be enabled manually.

Depending on your Google Ads goal, audience expansion works differently:

  • If your goal is "Product and brand consideration" or "Brand awareness and reach", audience expansion finds more users who look like your selected audience to increase your campaign's reach while maintaining your CPM and CPV bids. Additional reach depends on the available budget and the size of your audience.
  • If your goal is "Sales", "Leads", or "Website traffic", audience expansion finds additional users who are likely to convert at a CPA within your campaign's CPA goal.
Audience expansion respects any content exclusions applied to your campaign, including inventory types, digital content labels, and content types.
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