About the Insights page (beta)

The Insights page helps you identify trends in your market and understand your performance. You’ll know the current and upcoming interest in the products or services most relevant to your business.

For example, an outdoor retailer might notice insights on the rising demand for tents during the times when consumers gear up for more outdoor adventures. Over the same period, a vacation rental company might observe a surge in demand for cabins.

This article explains the basics of how insights work.

Why use insights

Insights are curated for your business based on your account performance and searches across Google for the products and services you show ads for. Insights update daily, and you can check back frequently for new insights that may appear.

  • Get insights tailored to your business: The Insights page looks for trends across Google that are relevant to the products and services that you advertise.
  • Understand your performance: Drill into each insight to get more detailed information about your account’s performance and new areas of potential opportunity.
  • Act on recommendations: Insights are integrated with recommendations, making it easy to take action.

Types of insights

Search trends

Search trends help you understand the search interest for products and services relevant to your business. You can use search trends to respond to shifts in search demand by identifying potential growth opportunities for your business.

Demand forecasts

Demand forecasts help you understand the predicted upcoming search interest for products and services relevant to your business, helping you to prepare to capture additional demand.

Consumer interest insights

Consumer interest insights help you understand how your target market is searching for and engaging with your business on Google. It analyzes the search terms in which your ads have appeared in the past 28 days, grouping them into themes and subthemes and providing you with key performance metrics for each.

Audience insights

Audience insights help you better understand the characteristics of the people and audience segments that make up your conversions. These insights help you learn about the unique traits of your customers to help improve your targeting, creatives, and overall campaign performance.

Change history insights

Change history insights highlight recent changes you made in your account that impacted your campaign performance. When there’s a significant change in your campaign’s key performance metrics, these insights help you quickly find out why that happened.

Auction insights

Auction insights help you understand if there were shifts in auction competition and whether these shifts had an impact on your performance. You can easily compare your performance with other advertisers who are participating in the same auctions and monitor significant changes over time to make strategic decisions about bidding and budgeting.

Where to find insights

A screenshot of the user interface of the consumer interest insights tab.

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Navigate to the “Insights” tab.

Note: Insights may not be available for all accounts or campaigns for a few reasons:

  • As the Insights page is currently in beta, we are rolling out each insight type gradually to some customers chosen at random.
  • Insights won't always be generated for every account and campaign at all times. Learn more about why you might not see insights

Insights can be accessed at either the account level or the individual campaign level, although some insight types are only available at the account level or at the campaign level for some campaign types as summarized in the table below (scroll to the right to see the entire table):

  Campaign type
Insight type Availability Search Shopping Performance Max Apps Display Discovery Video Local Hotel
Search trends Account yes, confirmed yes, confirmed yes, confirmed            
Demand forecasts Account yes, confirmed yes, confirmed yes, confirmed            
Consumer interest insights Account, Campaign for Performance Max only yes, confirmed yes, confirmed yes, confirmed            
Audience insights Campaign     yes, confirmed     yes, confirmed yes, confirmed*    
Auction insights Campaign yes, confirmed yes, confirmed yes, confirmed            
Performance shifts Campaign yes, confirmed yes, confirmed yes, confirmed yes, confirmed yes, confirmed yes, confirmed yes, confirmed yes, confirmed yes, confirmed

* = Audience insights are available for Video Action Campaigns (VAC) only.

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