About the Insights page (beta)

The Insights page helps you identify trends in your market and understand your performance. You’ll see current and upcoming interest in the products or services most relevant to your business.

For example, an outdoor retailer might see insights on the rising demand for tents during times when consumers gear up for more outdoor adventures. Over the same period, a vacation rental company might see a surge in demand for cabins.

This article explains the basics of how insights work.

Why use insights

Insights are curated for your business based on your account performance and searches across Google for the products and services you show ads for. Insights update daily, and you can check back frequently for new insights that may appear.

  • Get insights tailored to your business: The Insights page looks for trends across Google that are relevant to the products and services that you advertise.
  • Understand your performance: Drill into each insight to more detailed information about your account’s performance and new areas of potential opportunity.
  • Act on recommendations: Insights are integrated with account Recommendations, making it easy to take action.

Types of insights

Search trends

Search trend insights help you to understand the search interest for products and services relevant to your business. You can use search trends to respond to shifts in search demand by identifying potential growth opportunities for your business.

Demand forecasts

Demand forecasts help you to understand predicted upcoming search interest for products and services relevant to your business, helping you to prepare to capture additional demand.

How the Insights page works

The Insights page uses your account's performance history, campaign settings, and trends across Google to automatically generate insights relevant to your business.

Keep in mind

  • Insights are only available at the account level.
  • Insights are only available for accounts with Search or Shopping campaigns.
  • Insights update daily and show the latest data. There’s currently no option to change the time period of an insight.

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