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Google Fiber Phone FAQs

General phone information

Is Google Fiber Phone available to everyone?

Google Fiber Phone is only available in select areas. During the Google Fiber sign up process, you'll be able to see whether Google Fiber Phone is available at your address.

Is Google Fiber Phone a VoIP service?

Yes. Google Fiber Phone services on your home phone operate on a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology that transmits and receives communications over the public Internet. This means that your Google Fiber Phone services will not work on your home phone if you do not have an Internet connection. For example, if you are talking on your home phone and you reboot your router, your phone call will be interrupted. To offset a service interruption during an outage, you may want to consider installing a battery backup or another UPS (Universal Power Supply).

How does Google Fiber Phone differ from Google Voice?

Google Fiber Phone and Google Voice work together on your home phone. Google Fiber Phone and Google Voice share the same phone number, so calls you receive on your Google Fiber Phone number will ring your home phone, and calls made from Google Fiber Phone will come from your Google Voice number.

If I already have a phone number on my home phone service, can I use that number?

Yes, you can bring your current home phone number with you to Google Fiber Phone. If you later decide to cancel Google Fiber Phone service, most carriers allow you to transfer your number back to their service.

How long does it take to transfer my home phone number, and what happens to my current phone service?

After you provide us your transfer information, it typically takes 3-5 business days to complete the transfer of your home phone number to Google Fiber Phone. When you transfer your home phone number to Google Fiber Phone, your carrier will cancel your current service at the time we install Google Fiber Phone. Please don't cancel your service before that time.

Can I transfer my mobile phone number to Google Fiber Phone?

Yes. If you decide to use (transfer) your mobile phone number, your current mobile phone provider will cancel your plan, including voice, text, and data. You can re-establish service with your mobile provider, with a new number, once the transfer is complete.

Can I get a new Google Fiber Phone number for my home phone service?

Yes. If you choose a new Google Fiber Phone number for your home phone service, and later decide to transfer back to your previous home phone provider, you might not be able to get back your old (original) number.

I already have a Google Voice number. Can I use that?

Yes. But if you want to keep your existing Google Voice number and have a different number for Google Fiber Phone, we recommend that you activate Google Fiber Phone with another Google Account. You can also keep your original Google Voice number as a permanent secondary number, which has limited Google Voice features.

If I use a Google Voice number I already have, what happens to my settings?

Nothing; they should remain the same, but you can override those settings from Google Fiber Phone if desired.

Calling features

Does call waiting work with Google Fiber Phone?

Yes; here's how call waiting works with Google Fiber Phone.

Does caller ID work with Google Fiber Phone?

Yes, unlike other services, callers' names and phone numbers are pulled from your Google contacts and Google business listings if caller ID is available.

Can I block my caller ID from people I call?

Yes, you can block your caller ID by dialing *67 on your phone before dialing a number, or by typing *67 in the Hangouts box before typing a number.

Can I use my home answering machine to listen to messages instead of using Google Fiber Phone's voicemail service?

Yes. Because Google Fiber Phone picks up calls after 25 seconds, you'll need to set your answering machine to pick up calls within two, three, or four rings, which are typically 10, 16, and 20 seconds. If you choose to have your answering machine pick up your calls, you won't be able to use Google Fiber Phone's voicemail features, such as sending a transcription of voicemails, along with an audio file, to your email address.

Can I make long distance calls?

Yes. You can make long distance calls from your Google Fiber Phone service at home, your mobile phone, and your computer. Calls made on home phone will be added to your next Google Fiber bill. Calls made on your mobile phone or on your computer using the Hangouts app require a credit in Google Voice.

My phone is programmed to dial *99 for direct access to voicemail. Do I need to change that?

No, you can continue to use *99 for direct access to your voicemail. Learn more about voicemail basics and options

How can I make Google Fiber Phone ring only on my home phone (and not other devices) when I'm at home?

If you don't want your Google Fiber Phone line to ring on your devices running Hangouts, go to Hangouts Settings and deselect the Ring on incoming phone calls option.

Does Google Fiber Phone support additional users?

Yes. You can add secondary users to your Google Fiber Phone service from the Phone tab in your Fiber account.

Fiber Phone hardware

Can I use my existing home phone hardware with Google Fiber Phone?

Yes. Google Fiber Phone comes with a Phone Box that includes a phone jack. We recommend you use a cordless phone so you can have handsets throughout your home. (Some push-button phones, and rotary-dial phones, do not work with Fiber Phone.)

Do I need a handset?

Yes, you'll need at least one handset in your home at the time Google Fiber Phone is installed. Here are the pre-installation requirements.

Will Google Fiber Phone work during a power outage?

Like most VoIP services, Google Fiber Phone requires an Internet connection and power. Your phone service will be interrupted during a power outage unless you set up battery backup in your home.

Does a power outage affect my 911 service?

Yes. If you don't have a UPS to power your service during an outage, 911 emergency service is unavailable.

Will Google Fiber Phone work with a fax machine?

Yes. Performance varies based on the fax manufacturer and the length (in pages) of the transmission; faxes under 20 pages are typically the most successful. You can connect a fax machine through your home phone wiring or directly to the Phone Box.

Will Google Fiber Phone work with a home security system?

Please check with your security or alarm provider, as some providers don't support Google Fiber Phone or other voice over IP phone systems.

Will my intercom system continue to work with Google Fiber Phone?

In most cases, intercoms don't rely on your phone wiring and will continue to work. If your intercom depends on your home phone wiring, we cannot support both Google Fiber Phone and your intercom on the same line.

Can I use Google Fiber Phone with Project Fi?

At this time you cannot use Project Fi and Google Fiber Phone on the same Google Account. If you want to use Project Fi, please consider using or creating a different Google Account for Google Fiber Phone.

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