Transfer your number out of Fiber Phone

You can transfer your existing Fiber Phone number to another provider. Transferring a number, sometimes called porting, simply means moving it from your current provider to another provider.

To transfer your Fiber Phone number to another provider:

  1. Gather the following information from your Fiber Phone account. (You'll need to give it to your new provider to be able to transfer your current number.)

    • Your name as it appears on the account
    • Your address
    • Your Google Fiber account number
  2. After you've given this information to your new provider, they'll take care of transferring your number to their service.

Canceling or removing service

  • If you plan to transfer your number to another provider and cancel Fiber Phone service, be sure to transfer your Fiber Phone number to your new provider first. Do not cancel your Fiber Phone service before confirming that your Fiber Phone number has been successfully transferred.

  • If you have already canceled Fiber Phone service and now want to transfer the number to a new provider, you can still do so by following the Google Voice transfer process. When you transfer a number from Google Voice, a transfer fee of $3.00 applies.

Delinquent service

  • If your Google Fiber account is delinquent, you have 40 days to pay the full balance for your service. During that time, you can transfer your Fiber Phone number by providing your name, address, and Google Fiber account number to your new provider, and they'll take care of transferring your number to their service.

  • If you do not pay your Google Fiber balance within 40 days, your service will be suspended, and your Fiber Phone number will remain a Google Voice number. Even if your account is suspended, you can still transfer your Google Voice number to another provider.

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