What is Fiber Phone?

Welcome to Google Fiber Phone, a phone service available in limited locations. Fiber Phone includes a set of standard and enhanced features. Its flexibility lets you decide when, where, and how you make and receive calls, send and receive texts, and listen to or read transcriptions of you voicemail.

If you'd like regular updates about Fiber Phone, take a few minutes to submit a Fiber Phone interest form and we'll email you as our plans develop.

With Fiber Phone you can

  • Transfer your home landline number to Fiber Phone home service so friends, family, and other callers won't need to update your contact information.

  • Select a new Fiber Phone number or use a Google Voice number you already have.

  • Get voicemail transcribed and delivered to your email address.

  • Assign calls to ring on your home phone or mobile phone, or on all your devices at once, and set options to ring only during specific times.

  • Select privacy options to silence your phone during important activities and specify who you'll accept calls from.

  • Get help in case of emergencies by dialing 911 from your home phone.

  • Enjoy free calling in the US and Canada, and exceptionally low international rates for calls from your home phone or from Hangouts on your mobile phone or from your browser.

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