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Classroom is a free web service for schools, non-profits, and anyone with a personal Google Account. Classroom makes it easy for learners and instructors to connect—inside and outside of schools. 


Easy setup—Teachers can set up a class, invite students and co-teachers. In the class stream, they then share information—assignments, announcements, and questions.

Saves time and paper—Teachers can create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and stay organized, all in one place.

Better organization—Students can see assignments on the To-do page, in the class stream, or on the class calendar. All class materials are automatically filed into Google Drive folders.

Enhanced communication and feedback—Teachers can create assignments, send announcements, and instantly start class discussions. Students can share resources with each other and interact in the class stream or by email. Teachers can also quickly see who has or hasn't completed the work, and give direct, real-time feedback and grades.

Works with apps you use—Classroom works with Google Docs, Calendar, Gmail, Drive, and Forms.

Affordable and secure—Classroom is free. Classroom contains no ads, never uses your content or student data for advertising purposes.

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Supported browsers and devices

You can access Classroom using the web on a computer with any browser, such as Chrome, Firefox®, Internet Explorer®, or Safari®. In general, Classroom supports major browser releases on a continual basis.

Classroom is also available for Android and Apple® iOS® mobile devices. For more information, see Get the Classroom app.

What can you do with Classroom?

User What you can do with Classroom
  • Create and manage classes, assignments, and grades.

  • Give direct, real-time feedback and grades.

  • Keep track of classwork and materials.

  • Share resources and interact in class stream or by email.

  • Submit assignments.

  • Get feedback and grades.


Get an email summary of their student’s work. This summary includes information about missing work, upcoming assignments, and class activity.

Note: Guardians can’t sign in to Classroom directly. They need to receive email summaries through another account.
  • Create, view, or delete any class in their domain.

  • Add or remove students and teachers from classes.

  • View work in all classes in their domain.

Need help?

If you have questions about Classroom, visit the Classroom Help Center or the Google for Education Help Forum.

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