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Conversion goal

Reporting columns that serve as conversion goals

A conversion goal, or goal, is a reporting column that sets the reporting metric such as CPA or ROAS,  and identifies the performance history that DoubleClick Search analyzes  to maximize and adapt targets, and set or recommend bids, bid adjustments, and budgets in certain features of DoubleClick Search.

The columns that serve as conversion goals are required to use the last-click attribution model and report either conversion (Floodlight Actions and Transaction, and Google Analytics GA goal completions and GA goal value) or revenue (Floodlight Revenue and Google Analytics GA transactions and GA revenue) metrics. Formula columns can also be used in conversion goals.

Custom columns that use other attribution models or other metrics for reporting, such as Action quantity, Transaction quantity, ERS and ROAS, can't be used as conversion goals.

If a column is used as a conversion goal, it can't be edited. That is, you can't make changes to a conversion goal.

Conversion goals are available in the following DS features:

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