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Change the priority level of a line item

You can change the priority level of a line item in the following ways:

  • Set a line item type: Sponsorship, standard, network, bulk, price priority, or house. (Learn more)
  • Adjust targeting criteria, the delivery schedule, pricing options, and frequency caps.

You must pause a delivering line item before you change its line item type. After you change the line item type, unpause the order to resume delivery using the new priority settings.

Addendum: with configurable priority

If your network is eligible for configurable priority and you have it activated, Ad Exchange or price priority line items can be set to any priority. Using configurable priority and placing Ad Exchange/price priority line items at a higher priority than standard or sponsorship line items prevents dynamic allocation from taking line item pacing into consideration, and may cause delivery issues for your standard or sponsorship line items. For this reason, we don't recommend using configurable priorities in conjunction with dynamic allocation.

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