Support for Google Workspace resellers

As a reseller, you use the Customer Care Portal to submit and manage support cases for your Google Workspace customers. (The portal replaces the Google Cloud Support Center for Google Workspace cases.)

For super administrators: Follow the steps to give users access to the Customer Care Portal. If your organization has reseller accounts at multiple domains, follow the steps for partners with multiple reseller domains.

Sign in to Customer Care Portal

  • Sign to the Customer Care Portal with the same reseller user name and password you used for the old portal. (A very small number of of users will sign in with their new accounts created for the switch to new portal.)
  • Your customer must give you permission to access their account. Learn more at Change reseller's access to your account.

If you don't have access to the Customer Care Portal, contact your super administrator for assistance. 

Open the Customer Care Portal

Managing cases in the portal

Open all   |   Close all

File a case for a customer

Requirements: To file and manage cases, your customer must give you permission to access their account. Learn more at Change reseller's access to your account.

Important: Do not include any personally identifiable information in your case or attachments to the case. 

  1. Open the Customer Care Portal.
  2. Click Create support case.
  3. Click Create a new case on behalf of and select your customer.
  4. For Product type, select Google Workspace and enter a title to describe the issue.
    Note: If you can't enter Product Type or Category, the customer hasn't granted you access to file support cases on their behalf. 
  5. For Category, enter keywords and select an option.
  6. For Case description, review the information and answer any questions. 
  7. (Optional) To attach a file to your case, click Attach "" and browse to the attachment. 
  8. Select a severity level.
  9. If needed, change the language and time zone.
  10. Click Submit. It might take a minute for the case to appear in the My Cases list. 
  11. (Optional) To share the case, open the case and scroll to Case sharing to add email addresses.

If your customer has access to the Customer Care Portal, they can access cases that you file on their behalf. 

Manage a case filed by a customer

You can review and update a customer's cases if you managed the customer when the case was filed. You can't access cases your customer filed when they were with another reseller.

  1. Open the Customer Care Portal.
  2. Choose an option:
    • To view cases for all of your customers, click My Cases.
    • To view cases for a specific customer, click My Customers and select the customer.

      By default, cases are sorted by their updated date.

    • Click Filter "" to find your case. You can filter by keyword, status, or severity. 

  3. Review your case and optionally update it with one or more of the following options:
    • Severity—Change the severity of the case. 
    • Close case—Select this option if the issue is no longer occurring.
    • Escalate (only available to Premium Support customers)—Escalate the urgency of the case.
    • Attachments—Upload a new attachment to the case. Contact support to remove an attachment.
    • Case history—Send a message to support.

    Note: You can reopen a closed case within 30 days. After that time, you need to file a new case. 

  4. Click Send.
I'm a Support Partner. How do I access my customers’ support cases?

If you’re a Support Partner, your customers can give you support-only access to their account in the Google Cloud Support Center. For details, ask your customer to complete the steps in Give your reseller access to Google Cloud Support Center

Once you have access, you can file and manage cases for your customers in the Customer Care Portal.

Why can't I see all my customers?

To align with the portal’s security and privacy policy, you can view only the customers that are assigned to the reseller domain that you’re signed in to. If you have multiple reseller domains, you need to sign in to each domain to see the customers associated with the domain.

To set up user access to all of your domains, go to Partners with multiple reseller domains.

Can I continue to use the Google Cloud Support Center?

No. Google has retired Google Cloud Support Center for Google Workspace customers. We encourage you to switch to the Customer Care Portal as soon as possible.

We will continue to add new features and functionality to Customer Care Portal. You can also suggest features you would like to see by clicking Send Feedback in the portal.

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