Enable listings for download

You may have listings with the status “Download not enabled”. Review your information to enable these listings for download.

Review information

To review your information:

  1. In your list view, click Enable download (to the right of the “Download not enabled” status) for the listing you want to review.
  2. Review your business information and fix any incorrect or missing information.
  3. Click Submit.

Your listing will be enabled for download.

Repeat the process for any remaining listings that aren’t enabled for download. You can quickly find all such listings by clicking the All locations dropdown menu at the top of your list view, and selecting the Download not enabled filter.

The "Download not enabled" filter

The “Download not enabled” filter shows all of your listings that can’t be downloaded to CSV without action from you first. Listings in this filter may require your action to enable download. For example, you may see listings that aren’t verified, listings that have pending Google Updates, or listings that are simply not enabled for download.

Think of the listings in this filter as a to-do list, and address each of the listing statuses you see. Once all outstanding tasks are resolved, each listing will be downloadable.

The "Unable to load" status

Listings with an “Unable to load” status can’t be downloaded due to an error. If you see this status, wait a few minutes, refresh the page, then try downloading your listings again. If you continue to see the “Unable to load” status, contact support.

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