Types of error messages for bulk uploads

Summary: Resolve errors by making sure that your spreadsheet is formatted correctly and that your information complies with Google’s policies. More information about specific errors appears below.

Locations with errors won’t appear on Maps until they're fixed. Learn how to view and fix errors to take full advantage of your Business Profile.

Use the table below to learn about the errors in your account, and what you can do to fix them.

Errors you may see when uploading your data file

Error What it means and how to fix it
“You’ve exceeded the limit for the amount of locations you can upload to Business Profile in a single day. Try again later.” To maintain the integrity of Business Profiles on Google, there’s a limit to the number of profiles you can create per Google Account. If you get this error, fill out this form. Include that you have encountered this error in the “Describe your issue” field. The support team will help load your locations into your account and continue the bulk verification process.
Characters that aren’t allowed

Certain characters (like < and > for some fields) aren’t allowed. Remove these characters before you proceed.

It’s also possible that your spreadsheet has unsupported characters because it contains corrupt data. To find and fix corrupted data:

  1. Download your locations from Business Profile and look for in your spreadsheet.
  2. Delete the content of cells where that character appears and manually re-enter the correct information.
  3. Check that any third-party software you use to generate your spreadsheet doesn’t have a bug that’s producing the characters.
URL in the store code field URLs (like google.com) aren’t allowed in store codes. Remove URLs from all of your store codes.


Too many characters

Some of your fields have too many characters. Shorten the data in those fields before you proceed.

P.O. Boxes aren’t allowed P.O. Boxes aren’t allowed in many fields, and should be removed from your profile data.
Too much punctuation Profile names can’t contain more than 6 punctuation marks. Remove some before you proceed.
Too many digits Profile names can’t contain more than 6 digits. Remove some before you proceed.
Administrative area and country don’t match The administrative area of a profile must match the profile's country. Make sure that the administrative area you’ve entered exists in the profile's country.
Invalid or unsupported country code Make sure that the country you’ve entered is supported by Google Business Profile. If it is, enter a valid country code. Business Profile currently doesn’t support businesses in Crimea.
Improperly formatted postal code Make sure that you’ve used the correct postal code format for the profile's country.
Latitude and longitude errors Enter valid coordinates, including a latitude between -90 and 90 and a longitude between -180 and 180.  Make sure that your values for latitude and longitude each include at least 6 digits after the decimal point, so your business is placed accurately on the map. For example, a latitude value of 37.421998 and longitude value of -122.084059 would accurately place the Googleplex.
Improperly formatted phone

Make sure that you’ve used the correct phone number format for the profile's country.

If you haven’t added either a primary phone or a website for a particular profile, you’ll see an error about an improper or missing phone. You can fix the error by entering either a primary phone or a website for the profile.

Too many additional phones You can enter a maximum of two additional phones. Remove excess additional phone numbers before you proceed.
Invalid website Website URLs must be no longer than 256 characters, use a valid protocol (like http://), and include only allowed characters.
Invalid categories Certain categories are only supported in particular countries. You may also see an error if you don’t enter a primary category for your profile, or you enter a category that’s no longer supported by Business Profile. You can also enter no more than 9 additional categories per profile.
Invalid special hours Make sure that your special hours comply with the Business Profile formatting rules.
Photo errors Photos must be formatted correctly, not contain prohibited words, and not be duplicates of photos that are already attached to your profile. The preferred photo for a profile must be either “Logo” or “Cover”.



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