Duplicate store codes

Having a unique store code for every location in your account ensures that changes are applied accurately to each location when a new spreadsheet is imported.

Make sure not to reuse store codes. Even if you don't have duplicate store codes, reusing store codes from closed locations (by applying them to new locations) will create issues in your account.

To see duplicate store codes in your account:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business.
  2. In your list view, click Duplicate store codes at the top of your screen. 

Separate locations

If both store code entries refer to separate locations:

  1. Delete the current store code.
  2. Choose a new store code for one of them to differentiate the two locations.

Visit this article for help editing store codes and other location information.

Duplicate locations

If both store code entries are for the same location, you can fix duplicate store codes by deleting the location with the duplicate store code. When you delete the location, make sure that:

  • The entries in your account that contain all your enhanced content like photos and business hours are the ones that remain.
  • You also remove the location with a duplicate store code from any offline spreadsheet so it’s not added again in later imports.

Same location in multiple accounts

If you’ve included the same business location in uploads for different Google My Business Locations accounts, delete duplicates in all accounts except for one. Duplicate locations in multiple accounts are a violation of our quality guidelines and can cause presentation issues in search results.

Here’s how to ensure you have only one location across all of your accounts:

  1. Choose the account that you'd prefer to keep all of your locations in.
    • If a location exists in both a personal account and a location group (previously known as a business account), delete the location from the one of the accounts.
  2. Sign in to the Google My Business account you will manage your locations with.
  3. If you have enhanced content like photos and business hours that you’d like to keep, make sure it’s included in this account.
  4. Sign in to the other Google My Business account(s).
  5. Delete all other locations for the same business from your account(s) by selecting the checkbox next to that location, clicking the three dot menu  in the top right corner of the page, then clicking Remove.
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